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Gather Knowledge About Prohormones to Make Proper Use of It for Muscle Building

To attain your muscle building goals, you must acquire proper knowledge and make use of the right tools. No matter how well your body might function, you would always need extra support from the most preferred prohormone to ensure that your body functions at much higher levels. It is the only way that you can create the most spectacular body of measured muscle mass. Prohormones will never let you down, and the process of muscle development is so fast that you can get results within seven days only.  At the end of the cycle, you could gain 20 lbs to 30 lbs.

The chemical compounds in prohormones accelerate muscle building by boosting the production of red blood cells. It also increases appetite; you can eat more that translates into more strength and weight gain. You can exercise more freely as any joint pain that you experienced earlier would go away due to the action of prohormones. However, you must balance the cycle of prohormones with proper Post Cycle therapy. Read on to know more about the right way of using prohormones.

Ascertain the bodybuilding goals first

Prohormones have significant side effects. To keep the side effects under control while making the compound work efficiently for body development, you must know the dosage that would work for you.  That, in turn, would depend on your bodybuilding goals. Therefore, you must first ascertain what you want to achieve, select the prohormones and fix the dosage that would be most appropriate without harming your health.

Select the proper dosage

The dosage would depend not only on your goals but also at which stage of the bodybuilding process you are in. If you are a greenhorn in bodybuilding and even new to steroids, having not used it before, then usually 25mg prohormones should suit you fine. Gradually, you can move to the level of taking 50 mg per day, what typically people tend to start with, provided they are already following some routine of exercising. 
Let the body adjust

Unless you can allow time for the body to adjust to the influx of prohormones, the body might find it difficult to adjust to it, which could be detrimental to the results. Gradual build up of the dosage gives you time to evaluate that you do not face any side effects.  If you notice any side effects then lower the dosage to levels that would be safe for you. The results may take longer time, but you save your health. However, the 50 mg dosage is ideal for getting the results in just a few weeks, and you could add 20 lbs in a month. 

Designing a cycle

Besides the dosage, you also need to pay attention to building the right cycle for prohormones intake. Ideally, a cycle should last for 4 to 6 weeks, and there are muscle gain calculators available that can help to design the cycle.

Since prohormones suppress natural hormones like testosterone, you must follow it up with a post cycle therapy to allow the body to produce hormones naturally.

Mike Moore is a bodybuilding coach who has extensive knowledge about using any prohormone. Safety is what concerns him most when using prohormones, and this reflects in his writings. A photographic enthusiast, Mike keeps running around with a camera to give vent to his creative instincts.
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