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Coffee Drinkers: Bes Coffee Shops in Toronto

For many residents of the largest Canadian metropolis, life is unthinkable without coffee. It turns out that more than 3/4 of Canadians drink at least one cup of coffee every day.

Toronto has a huge number of establishments and coffee shops, which will offer you a delicious and flavorous coffee. However, there are places in which you just come for a drink. Alongside this, there are some coffee shops that you should attend because of the unique atmosphere.
We have prepared a list of the best coffee shops in Toronto you must know:

Coffee with Halva in Coffeehouse Goldstruck Coffee

In this place, coffee is just the basis for amazing culinary innovations. A famous coffee house in which you can taste the most delicious coffee with halva! Halva is served not as a sweet dessert, but as an additional component in a hot drink. Latte with halva is a drink made of espresso, milk and halva. Try it once – it will certainly surprise you! Address: 130 Cumberland St.

European Coffee House Dineen Coffee

A very beautiful place, which is perfect for a first date or a meeting. Or, you can just enjoy a cup of first-class espresso. This coffee shop, located in the heart of business Toronto, impresses with a restrained and elegant design and perfectly prepared classic espresso. Address: 140 Yonge St.

Espresso for big connoisseurs SOMA Chocolatemaker

This establishment has become famous in Toronto thanks to the magnificent dark hot chocolate prepared according to a recipe inspired by the divine legends about chocolate from the Mayan tribe. Moreover, you can find there all sorts of chocolate delicacies, which are made right before the eyes of visitors. For example, unforgettable orange candied fruits in dark-dark chocolate! Here they serve coffee, as it should ideally be. Address (two cafes in the city): 443 King St W and 32 Tank House Ln.

Mercury Espresso Bar

Mercury Espresso Bar has become one of the most popular meeting places in the Leslieville area. By the way, sometimes it is here where the neighbors finally get to know each other. To attract a lot of regular visitors to the establishment was possible thanks to the unique firm Americano, as well as the original Espresso recipes. A peculiar highlight is an amazing eclectic interior, giving the coffee bar a special mood. Address: 915 Queen Street East.

Ezra's Pound

Ezra's Pound focuses mainly on two things: environmental protection and coffee culture. This institution developed its own system of reducing the quantity of waste products. Moreover, Ezra's Pound doesn’t stop progressing – it came up with special BIO cups for drinking coffee. In addition, the coffee itself is something unforgettable! Besides, Ezra's Pound founded The Espresso Institute of North America, which gives the courses according to the professional work with coffee. Address: 238 Dupont St.

Full Of Beans Coffee House & Roastery

This placeis famous for one antique thing – an ancient apparatus for roasting coffee beans. Thanks to it, the local aromatic coffee acquires a special shade. Naturally, the institution buys only the best grains from around the world! In addition, in “Full Of Beans” there are often several comedy, poetry, music and literature evenings, so here you can not only enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee, but also discover new talents and just have fun. Address: 1348 Dundas St West Toronto.

You can love coffee, you can enjoy, or you can just go to coffee shops. To get to a chosen coffee shop and to explore the city you need to apply for car rental in Toronto airport.
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