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Check out the vast variety in Momos

Momo the delicious dish has its origin in Nepal and it is actually their version of dumplings. This is one of the favourite snack items in every corner of India these days and slowly it is gaining the right pace in popularity.

In Nepal, it is a traditional delicacy as it is served in almost every restaurants and cafes and it has some stuff made of vegetable or meat paste inside. These are served with a dipping sauce mainly made with tomatoes. But, at present, if one searches momo recipes, they will find numerous varieties of momos served these days. So, one can experiment with momos in their kitchen if they want.

Steamed Momos

This is the traditional way of making momos. They are usually steamed and round in shape and this is the version which is mainly served in Nepal cafes. These juicy momos are filled with meat or vegetables and then prepared with dumpling steamers. Once steamed well, they are served hot with sauce.

Kothey Momos

These momos are mainly half steamed and half fried and these momos have elongated shapes. The filling is mainly of vegetables or one can also use various kinds of meats and chicken or pork is mainly used in these momos.

Chilly Momos

This is also some regular steamed momos which are dipped into spicy and hot sauce. If you love spice in anything that is served to you then these momos are perfectly made for you. You will not regret tasting this. But if you are not into spicy things, then this one is definitely not for you.

Fried and Steamed-Fried Momos

Fried momos are the crunchy version of momos and they are actually deep fried after the momos are steamed properly. But if you are health conscious then these oily and fried ones are not for you. But they go really well with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Open Momos

This is a very special one made by particular eateries and momo fanatics already know how they taste and look like. Here the momo wraps have four openings and one can pour four different sauces on those openings before eating them.

Tandoori Momos

This one is really delicious. It is a combination of tandoori and momo as the name goes by. The taste bud gets really excited to have this as it has a very rich texture. One can gorge on these tasty momos anytime and in winter this can be the perfect evening snack.

Green Momos

If you are extremely health conscious, then this one is the perfect momo recipe for you. Here spinach is the main ingredient which is blended with flour and then kneaded in water. So the colour of the momos turns green and it is extremely healthy. Go for this when you are one a dieting spree.

Cheese Momos

Made from cottage cheese fillings, this one is also very delicious.

One can try different fillings while making momos. From vegetables to paneer, from meat to fish fillet; everything can be added.
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