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Avalakki- its dishes and health benefits

We Indians love beaten rice i.e. avalakki in its different forms whether it is North India where it is called Poha or avalakki in Kannada and so on. These flakes of rice have the quality to swell when any liquid is added, whether hot or cold, as they absorb water, milk or any other liquids very easily.

A variety of snacks, easy or light fast food items can be prepared in a variety of flavours with the help of avalakki.

Famous Avalakki dishes-
  • Avalakkiunde- They are the laddoos, prepared using beaten rice, sugar, grated coconut powder and a bit of sugar to give it a sweetened taste. They are very tasty to munch on with a cup of hot tea in the evening and have a delicious flavour that is almost liked by everyone.
  • Avalakki mixture- Coming to the spicy and salty end of avalakki,is mostly seen in almost all the kitchens as the best tea time snack. To add some richness and healthy feel, some add dried coconut, almonds, and even cashews to make them taste a bit different. When tossed in a variety of spices it even taste’s much better and lip-smacking.
  • Gojjuavalakki- For those who love spicy and tangy flavours, this recipe or dish is the best. It is a delicacy from the  cuisine of Karnataka. It is a very popular dish usually prepared for especially the breakfast menu. The gojju avalakki recipeis again a very simple recipe that makes the tastelessavalakkia very appetizing one. It is prepared in tamarind sauce with the spiciness of sambar and rasam powder with an extra punch of sweet and sour taste.
Multiple health benefits of eating avalakki-

The best part of eating poha or avalakki is that they are lactose-free, healthy for the heart and fat-free. On the other hand, it is a good source of eleven vital minerals and vitamins including the main-iron. The Flakes being gluten free can be consumed by even people that are allergic to wheat products. Apart from it, one gets iron, vitamin B, carbohydrates and proteins from this mix.The carbohydrates from poha are enough to keep the body supplied with energy and it will stave off hunger cravings.

For additional benefits one can eat it with a cup of curd where one can even get more calcium and proteins to keep body fully fortified with this tasty snack you can whip up in a jiffy. Not only this, the variety of tastes and flavours in which it can be prepared is a plus point that can be a twist to the avalakki that can be liked by the children that needs the vitamins and minerals more.

Avalakki, when prepared, is tasty and easy to digest, making it a perfect “meal” for those whose digestion is slightly impaired.

Its recipes can be used either for brunch or a late afternoon snack.

For those looking for wholesome and nutritious diet and even light diet at night can prepare simple avalakki recipes and get the hunger pangs go away.
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