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5 Compelling Reasons to Pay a Visit to the Capital This Festive Season

Undeniably, Delhi carries its own pure appeal. The mixture of Indian traditions and western lifestyle is what makes this capital of the country so unique and charming. And, if you are thinking to pay a visit to Delhi, you must make a plan during the festive season. Why? Here are some reasons to visit Delhi during the celebration time.

Delhi is the home of historical monuments and modern people. Along with admiring the beauty of ancient structures, you also get a chance to witness the sky-touching modernised buildings. Even the chaos and disorder of this city seems familiar, isn’t it?

And be it Pune Delhi Flights or Mumbai Delhi or Chennai Delhi, you can find tons of flights going to the capital. What it means is convenience and low fair prices.

Moreover, when it is festive season, Delhi shows its own undiluted charming aspect. Right from decorated markets to buzzing pubs, there is a lot to do and see in Delhi during the festive season.
If that is not convincing enough, here are some reasons to visit this place. 
  1. A glimpse of Indian Culture in Less Money:There would be no other place as better than the capital to know the attractiveness and the sanctity of Indian culture in a thorough manner. With the beginning of the festive season, Delhi organises several outdoor theatres, dance performances, and concerts at the best venues. Moreover, almost every other airline offers a substantial discount on tickets.  Be it Indigo or SpiceJet or Vistara, you can find great deals if you choose the right dates for your travel. 
  2. The Market of Lights:The festive season is the only time when you don’t have to look up for reasons to shop your heart out. Right from beautiful clothes to delicious sweets, celebration calls for prolonged shopping and unlimited food. So, be it Dilli Haat, Janpath, Lok Nayak Bhavan, or Khan Market, the lit -up areas of Delhi will surely provide you with an abundance of stuff. 
  3. Old Delhi is Waiting for You:If not for the other reasons, you must visit Delhi for the old city. Whether it is enjoying Daulat ki chaat, world-famous parathas, jalebi, or you want to buy home d├ęcor stuff at low prices; the old city is nothing less than a magic box. Also, don’t forget to visit Chandni Chowk, Chawri Bazaar, and Kinari Bazaar. 
  4. Dived in Culture:Since Delhi is also known as the cultural capital of India, there wouldn’t be any lack of it during the festival season. There would be several places to do the Garba in Navratri, play cards in Diwali, and savour traditional Christian food in Christmas. All of these things at one place and that too just in a matter of few days. 
  5. Food! Food! Food!:It’s always much better to eat at road-side stalls than in posh restaurants. And, in Delhi, during the festive season, every street and road-side is filled with tempting food. Be it snacks, fast-food or a proper meal, Delhi never goes short of anything.
So, these compelling reasons would be surely enough to visit Delhi this festive season, isn’t it? Compare flights of different airlines and book your tickets right away. 
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