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Why and how to keep track of baby movement

To feel the baby movement is often the interesting part of the pregnancy. This is the real picture of the healthy growth of your baby. Doctors might tell you to monitor the baby activities to get the information about his wellbeing. By counting the kick you can get the information of the progress of your baby even before the birth. 

According to the medical researchers counting baby kicks most of the women can feel the infant movement around 18 to 25 weeks. By tracking the movement s you may tell that if the baby is experiencing major changes. If you find that your baby is deviating from the normal movement and drastically reduced the movement. You must consult the doctor to check whether everything is okay or not. Kick count can help you to track the health the baby health and can also help you to take a decision quickly if something bad happens.

In general, to count the baby kicks you can pay attention to the body movement of your baby and close attention to your body. You can count the number of minutes of your baby movement. You do not have to count only strong kicks even the soft fluttering movement counts can also help you to get the relevant information.  To get the information about the baby growth during pregnancy video can be the best option. However, there are other easy options available you can go with.

Methods to keep track of baby movement

You can check kick count chart online. This chart can be available online. You can keep the record of your baby kicks in the chart. Even there is multiple phone application available to keep track of the movement. You just simply need to fill the information to track the movement. Whether you are using a kick chart, application or an old notebook it is important to keep the record of the movements.
Undoubtedly it is always a great idea to keep knowledge about your infant health and wellbeing. 

Every woman faces different issues in the pregnancy so these factors can also impact the kick counts. Some women with the high-risk factor recommended doing the kick count early in the 24 weeks of the pregnancy. Women with the less risk can start the process in 26 weeks or so. However, whenever you will start the process you would love to count the kick. As this is the best way to keep the check on infant health. You can also consult your doctor to monitor the baby kick counts.  

However, this is just not the process to check the health of the infant infect this can help you to build a special bond between you and your baby. Sensing all those swishes can help you to feel closer to your growing baby. With the increase of the weeks baby also can sense the touch. So this can help both of you to keep a strong bond before even birth. Better to keep calm during pregnancy for the better growth of your baby. 

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