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Visit Ranthambore and feel the nature with scattered wildlife with a very close angle

Nature has given us beautiful places throughout our country that can be the best places for visits with our family and friends. One such place which must be unturned by everyone once a lifetime is the Ranthambore National Park. The park is located in the SawaiMadhopur district in the Rajasthan which is a home to animals such as tigers, jackal, mongoose, sloth bear, leopard, chital, nilgai, boars, mongoose, Indian Hare, monitor lizards, and plenty of birds of different species. The park stretches around 275 km and is one of the best places to see the tigers in the wild. 
It is said that in the past, the park was a hunting ground for the Maharajas of Jaipur. The lush green beauty covered with natural trees and the wildlife attractions of this place are mesmerizing and are quite amazing. The place offers a charming ambiance with lovely hills, pretty lakes, rocky smudges, ponds and beautiful ravines that are scattered in the entire area. The Ranthambore packages can be purchased very easily where the tourist can avail being in the close proximity of the wildlife that offers a lifetime thrilling experience.

This national park is said to be named after the magnificent Ranthambore fort and the two hills Ran and Thambore over which the fort is perched.

Places of attraction in the Ranthambore-

It is essential to plan ahead for the travel to make it a wonderful experience. Depending upon the time in hand, one can plan to different sites like the national park, etc. The park also includes a safari the tickets of which can be booked through online site. But the park remains especially closed during the rainy season from the month of July to September. The different things that can be done in the place are-
·         Tiger sighting- Coming to a national park and not seeing the wildcat is a waste of travel. But it all depends upon luck as well. There are various safari rides that go through a gypsy in the park where the guides know the places like the water reservoirs where the tiger generally rest during hot summer days. Apart from tigers one can come across various other animals that are at the best sighting.
·         Ranthambore Fort- Situated in the middle of the park is an ancient fort known as the Ranthambore Fort. It has a lot many stairs and walking area which needs full energy to see all the ancient hand carvings and other old monument thing altogether.
·         Lord Ganesha Temple- Inside the fort premises, there is an old temple which is said to be built in the 12th century.  On the way to the temple, one would find lots of small house like idols made on the path by raw flat stones, as it is believed that your wish for house would come through and people construct a symbol by rocks and get their wishes completed. People often give sweet-puff-rice-ball prasad (sacrament) to Langurs monkeys on their way.
Sometimes peacocks are also seen.

It is important to visit places and get a memento as a memory for life. Here Dastak Ranthambore shops are there from where the tiger printed t-shirts, hand printing items, etc. can be purchased. Checkout the colourful state with the natural wildlife cover and explore its natural beauty.
Visit Ranthambore and feel the nature with scattered wildlife with a very close angle Visit Ranthambore and feel the nature with scattered wildlife with a very close angle Reviewed by Jhon on 4:39 PM Rating: 5