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Understanding Storing Options for Wine from Bennett Kireker

You can buy wine from supermarket or through wholesale buyers or you can even receive a wine bottle as a gift but it is very important that you store it properly so that it can last for a longer time frame. Even though there are exclusive wine cellars, and refrigerators available, but in case you don’t have any of these then don’t worry as you can still store them easily. Bennett Kireker , a wine lover points out some important points that you can consider when storing wine to increase its shelf life. 

Storing Options for Wine by Bennett Kireker
  • Place the wine bottle away from the light. At home, you can keep it in a shadowy place, when the closet or cabinet is opened rarely. Even if the wine bottle is dark in color then also you should keep it away from light as they can absorb ultra violet rays which in turn make the wine give a bad taste and smell.
  • The wine bottle with a cork should be stored on the sides as this avoids the corks from getting dried.  It is important to prevent the corks from becoming dry as this causes the cork to shrink and allow air to enter the bottle, which ultimately rots the wine. In addition, keep the bottles properly arranged with the tags noticeable in order to see the sediment that usually develops before opening the bottle. Make sure that the bottle is not in a moving position. When transporting keep it well secured so that it does not moves around.
  • When storing both red and white wines together, keep the temperature at 54 degrees Fahrenheit. In case you lower the temperatures further then the aging process may get affected but the taste will not be affected. On the other hand, if you store wine at 75 degrees Fahrenheit or higher then it will start to react. Moreover, it is also important to keep the temperature consistent and in case there is a drastic fall or rise in temperature then transfer the wine gently from the high temperature to allow it adapt.
  • The corks in the wine bottle absorb the aromas from the surrounding area. In case you are storing wine in the household refrigerator keep it away from vegetables, fruits and cheeses to prevent flavor incorporation into the wine.
  • Once the white wine bottle is opened keep it in the refrigerator with a tight cork and ensure that the temperature is constant. This will deteriorate the wine and keep it perfect for the next 3 to 5 days. On the other hand, you can store the red wine on the counter but cork it securely and place it in cool and dark area.
Irrespective of how you store the wine it is important that you always taste wine before serving it to guests. Bennett Kireker New York has worked as a wine salesman for Auckland, New Zealand based United Cellars. After his tenure there, he came back to New York City to start a wine tasting club. Known as Wine Club NYC, this wine tasting club has grown to 50- strong member.
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