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Top SEO Errors of E-Commerce Websites

In the world of E-Commerce websites, you are going to be dealing with a lot of different variables in the environment. In order to make the most out of your E-Commerce project, you will have to focus a reasonable amount of your time towards the SEO aspect of it all and to put your best foot forward, it had be ideal for you to try and minimize the amount of SEO errors you are dealing with.
Unfortunately, many online merchants believe that simply listing products on an e-commerce website will result in plenty of traffic and excellent profits. If you do not pay attention to good search engine optimization (SEO) for your e-commerce site, it can cost you in the long run.

Poor Product Descriptions
Without a description, it won’t have a whole lot of luck making the top 10 in the SERPs. Even if the query is for a keyword of low competition, the fact that the description is empty will keep it from ranking high in the SERPs. Users also rely on these descriptions before purchasing said product. A product image alone isn’t going to cut it for getting your users to buy a product, and search engines can’t see that image anyway. SEO services in Sydney take care of all these issues for a better result.

Duplicate Title Tags
Title tags are extremely important when it comes to search engines, but it’s sometimes difficult to forge unique title tags for e-commerce websites, since they’re usually selling multiple items from the same brand. There are many practices for optimized title tags and you should use them to your advantage, especially when it comes to creating unique key phrases, since many searchers online are actually using phrases for their searches, not single keywords. With the SEO packages Sydney they use to delete these tags.

Optimized Product Pages
SEO is largely a top-of-funnel marketing channel. Users are still in the research phase of their purchasing cycle and tend to search as such, relying on more broad keywords to help them determine what specific product they want. That means most SEO services in Sydney want to drive traffic to the category or product listing pages rather than individual product pages. While the broader terms will drive most of your traffic, you can’t forget about the users who already know what specific product they want.

Lack of usability
All the above SEO errors are related to one thing: usability. True SEO is about usability, user friendliness and user experience and to make sales online, your shop has to be usable. SEO packages Sydney works on these issues to recover. The usability of an online shop has to do with the type of products you are selling.

Using the Wrong or Non-Unique Titles
The titles being used on your product pages need to be unique, as this will help search engines identify your E-Commerce website as an individual entity. At the foundation of SEO services in Sydney as a whole, there are keywords and titles – by making sure your titles are always up to standard, you’ll be improving upon your SEO practices significantly. Title tags are in HTML format, and most successful sites make sure to implement them; almost like an incredibly healthy tick of sorts.
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