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The Horse Tales As Scripted By Kimberley Dey

Among the many things people do to entertain themselves, one is horse riding; horse riding is not a new form of recreation, it has been present since the time when there were kings and queens. Initially though they were load carriers later they came to be associated with luxury and became a symbol of prestige and honor for those who owned them. In fact, even to this day people like Kimberley Dey take pride in owning horses.

There are people who really love these quiet, friendly, peaceful animals and treat them as nothing less than their own family members. Horses have a few similar characteristics with humans in the way that they love to stay in company of others and known to be sociable, also that they learn everything through practice and experience.

Kimberly Dey , though very busy being the CEO of the reputed company Number Eight, is passionately in love with horses and that is perhaps the reason that she prefers to take care of the horses she owns personally by herself. She loves to spend time with her horses and has also gone to the extent to design tournaments for them.

Her life could be said to have become horse centric, from the time that she gets after showcasing her business acumen, she dedicates to carrying out various activities with or for the horses. Apart from organizing the various tournaments where her horses participate, she herself does some horse riding and has collected a few awards for herself as well. The World Champion Amateur Hunter Rider Completion for two consecutive years has been awarded to her.

A very amusing fact of this inspiring woman entrepreneur is that she performs her acts of charity too along with her horses. She carries forward her passion for horses and mingles it with her work of philanthropy. She has created scholarship programs with the American Quarter Horse Association by which scholarship is given to upcoming athletes so that they can hone their love for the horses.

She has keen interest and love in actively participating as well as open-handedly contributing in the charity events for the society at large. Kimberley stands as an idol for all the women folk of the world in how they can use their talent, skills and life situations to bring peace and happiness into the lives of the unfortunate.

Her father Charles B Wang owns a company by the same name and she is the CEO of the same. This organization endeavors to help the destitute children, deals with cross cultural affairs and also caters to other organizations and associations in Hawaii. Through this company she is known have provided financial aid to the masses living in Hawaii by which they are helped medically too.

It is really delightful to know that there still exist people who have such big hearts and are so deeply fond of animals. Kimberley is not just a role model for the females but indeed an epitome of kindness, generosity and an icon of immense humility to the entire world.
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