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Moving to Cross Border?

Moving to and from Canada/US offers it very own provocation. We, at Focus Moving Services make up the largest moving network permitting us too simple and capable service moves across borders. Whether you are moving a small apartment or a large home, we will give you with a secure and well deserved service.

Your friendly and well informed adviser will give you with particulars that you need to permit for entry to the US and administer you where to meet the driver to clear Canada Customs when entering Canada. We will also guide you as to permissible/impermissible items to reduce danger when passing through Customs. Additionally, selecting us will also provide you:

  • A comprehensive, analysed listing of your whole shipment, counting packed items. 
  • An n expert driver, with years of experience both in shifting household goods, and clearing customs. 
  •  A committed team of support staff that are not contented until you are! 
  • Fast and simple border crossings, using digital copies of needed details sent before the driver even arrives at the border.
Your goods are loaded into daily scrutinised and completely indemnified tractor trailers. All units must be licensed for the locations they are entering and sternly attached to the rules of each state/province. We have a huge network of partners that can offer packing, unpacking, and storage if required. We will work to put up your budget and timing requirements. Personal Motor Vehicles must pass local needs which are to be permitted to cross the border. We work with an expert auto transport companies that are prepared to help you with the particulars, pick up, and deliver strictly to all within rational timelines.

We want to make your transport from the US into Canada is as uninterrupted as possible. There is a lot that goes into eradicating your life and conveying your family and belongings across the border. We will do our part in exercising your cross border move but contrarily.

We are the leader in transferring relocation practices from American into Canadian and vice versa. Cross-border relocations come with many possible problems. Corporations turn to us to have a perfect understanding of American practices such as relocation, real estate and moving intimated in Canadian terms. Our clients require relocating employees or staff across the border with self-assurance and we help them do just that.

There are particulars you must have to cross the border into Canada. Without these details, we won’t let you into the country. To enter Canada, you’ll require:
  • Canadian Immigrant Visa. 
  • Double-Checking of permanent Resident for each family member travelling with you. 
  • An eligible Passport or other travel details for each family member travelling with you. 
  • Two copies each of
a>    A complete list of all the private or household items you’re carrying with you.
b>    A list of items that are arriving later and their money value.

Don’t pack these particulars in your luggage. Keep them with you at all times. If you don’t tell an official that you’re carrying items or money that should be proclaimed, you may be fined or put into the bars. For more information, contact us at relocation services at Toronto.  
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