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Marrison Family Law- What Happens To Your Children After You Divorce?

When it comes to marriage and divorce, there are many laws and regulations in the USA. All 50 states have their own guidelines when it comes to marriage and divorce. This means when you and your partner have decided to divorce, it is very important for you to be educated and informed on these guidelines so that you make the right choices and move on with your life without regrets.

Marrison Family Law- what about your children?

Marrison Family Law is an esteemed and credible family law firm in Colorado Springs and the qualified lawyers here guide and advise couples when it comes to their divorce suits. They say that couples with children have to decide on their custody and support. Post-divorce the child will physically stay with one parent while the other can get legal visitation rights to spend quality time with the child. They need to applied for in a competent court of law. The court will take into considerations vital factors like the income of the parents, the wishes of the child if he or she is older, any history of spousal or child abuse and more. 

Based on these factors, the court will grant child custody to one parent. This means that the child will stay with that parent physically and he or she will be responsible for making decisions for the child only. The court generally takes time when it comes to child custody and support as the well-being of the child needs to be taken into consideration.

Understand the guidelines for child support…

Secondly, when it comes to child support, there are guidelines laid down by 50 states in the USA that deals with this. The child support amount is determined by the court of law and the parent needs to provide this amount for maintenance of the child. There is a misconception that child support only covers the basic living and food expenses of the child. This is not true. Lawyers state that child support covers all the expenses that relate to the child and it includes education, entertaining, transportation etc. Parents should keep this in mind when they are taking up child support for the child.

Besides the legal implications, children of divorce parents often feel sad and depressed as they do not want their parents to stay apart. The lawyers say that if you are living in close proximity to your child, you can apply for shared child custody. This is extremely beneficial for the child as he or she gets the child to stay with both parents. The adverse emotional and physical effects of your divorce on your child is eradicated. However, again a history of child abuse or spousal abuse will debar you from such an arrangement.

The professionals here at Marrison Family Law care for their clients and this is why they work very hard and sincerely to provide you with feasible solutions when it comes to divorce and other family law matters in the USA. They are not only professional lawyers but they are compassionate and caring legal experts too!
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