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Let Jim Byrne Focus on the Science of Extreme Weather Conditions- A Brief Overview

Here are some terms that you often find in the news dailies- extreme floods, prolonged droughts and extreme heat waves. Going by the data collected by the meteorology centers across the globe, these are the most common terms that are being used. Were these conditions never found in the primitive world? Are human beings responsible more and more for these ever-increasing extreme conditions? History doesn’t say so. The recorded floods and drought go back to the most primitive days of mankind even when there was no coal, oil or natural gas in man’s hand.
So why are these terms growingly traumatic in the recent years? Some of the recent studies that have been carried out say that the consistency showed by the extreme weather conditions are mostly due to the greenhouse gases that are being emitted into the atmosphere, and human beings and their modern lifestyle is somewhat responsible for this. Jim Byrne believes that without the eventful phenomenon of global warming, there are several atmospheric changes which could be avoided and the variation in weather conditions could be prevented to a great extent.
Knowing the Variants of Extreme Conditions from Experts like Jim Byrne
Scientists have progressed way forward from the variation of weathers and have compared it with the rolls of the dice, where the Greenhouse gases add to the load increases the odds for such extreme weather events. What are the reasons for such an effect? There are some basic physics which needs to be kept in notice. Going back to the pre-industrial period, it has been scientifically proved that the average temperature of the earth has already increased by 1 degree Celsius since then. And the entire credit for this rise in temperature goes to the Carbon Dioxide and other Greenhouse Gas emissions.
Jim Byrne has rightly pointed out that with an increase in the global temperature by 1 degree; the amount of moisture has increased by 7 percent in the atmosphere. Such a change has been recorded as quite dramatic by the meteorologists, and hence over the past half a century, the moisture in the atmosphere has increased by almost 13 percent.
More the moisture, more the rain- says Science. But this rain is not just any kind of rain, predicts the climatic model. Even though the overall heating of the planet has increased by 2-3 percent, the amount of rainfall has directly hit by 6 to 7 percent. The reason is again pure Physics and hence Jim believes that elementary science can deliver the best result in ascertaining its value. Rain mostly happens when the atmosphere cools down, which allows the water vapor to condense and form raindrops. Since the radiation of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased, the radiative cooling has got less efficient. As the moisture in the air keeps increasing, it takes bigger forms like hail and storm creating a massacre.
Knowing the nature well is essential and but without Science, it only gets a step away from it.
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