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How to file a legal claim after bicycle crash?

When you drive bike, and enter into a crash with cars, that could be scary and end up in big problems, in some cases even fatal. In case that you are riding a bike, it is very important to shake your head and to include wits after the crash. Even though you may be in shock right after the accident, things that you do will affect how much you recover and overall damage to your bike. However, it also affects the outcome of a lawsuit that you want to prepare after the accident. 

We decided to present you everything that you should do in case that happens 

Wait for the police 

It is very important to wait for cops to show at the accident scene because a police report will give you all relevant details that you can use afterward when you file a claim. It is important to understand the effects that you have and to realize that you have been injured. Sometimes you may realize that you are injured few hours after the accident because of shock and adrenaline that will keep you. Sometimes even small injuries can cause permanent and serious issues. In case that you leave right after the scene, you won't be able to identify the faulty driver. 

Don' negotiate with the other party and driver. Even though they accept the blame and apologize, they can easily deny that they were present afterward. That is why you should wait for cops to arrive so that you can document everything in the report. Another advantage is that police may give a ticket to another driver, which is useful proof in settling the case for the insurance claim. 

Provide police your version of event 

Sometime, the police officers will take a statement from other driver and they won't include you in the report. You have to do everything that it is possible so that they write your side of the story. It is also important to report all injuries before you choose bicycle accident lawyer, it doesn't matter whether they are big or not. You have to know that even small damage and injuries can become bigger and more serious later. 

Obtain all contact information from both drive and witnesses 

If the driver is willing to cooperate, you should get his name, phone number, address, vehicle license, driver's license number and information about insurance. In the same time, try to get names and other contact information from all people that were around in moments of the accident. 

You cannot just assume that police report will contain that information. In case that you are injured, ask someone to do it for you, because that will help you later to get more relevant proofs and file a legal claim that will be successful. 


Whatever you decide to do, try to follow this exact guide because you will be able to file a claim with relevant proof. With a legal advice, you can easily create and obtain all information that you need. 
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