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How Soccer Turned Out to Be More than A Game to Many Like John Eilermann St Louis?

Those who love soccer can hardly ignore the impact that the game has had for generations together irrespective of the national boundaries. Football or more popularly known as Soccer is no less than life or death to those who are diehard fans. Whenever soccer is being discussed, people always speak of the English football clubs who are widely famous across the globe, and it is quintessentially been considered to be an English game. It seems that the entire world is drooling over the colonial hangover.

John Eilermann St Louis , who has been a soccer fanatic and an active member of the St. Louis University team for more than a period of three years, believes that the game has got a very strong connection with Latin America. He's even mentioned in the Hall of Fame for the University team and still lives the game every time he watches a match. Obviously, passion cannot be described, but the way he states the genesis of the game shows his interest and immense culture that he has cultivated over the years.
A Dig at the Latin American Connection with Soccer- John Eilermann St Louis Pens It
It is true that with the large influx of Europeans into Latin America during the late 1800s, soccer came as a wave to the entire nation. But it was just the beginning, since then the game has taken its own shape and exploded all its popularity dominating any other sport that ever existed on the land. As the socioeconomic class of Latin America wasn't that affluent enough, and the game hardly having an investment to play, easily entered into the blood and started spreading the wave of enthusiasm.
There was no social discrimination in accepting the game, and hence all the prejudices were smoothly bridged and countries like Brazil and Argentina has already made history at the international level. John Eilermann St Louis states that there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know the names like Pele and Maradona who are legends in the books. On the contrary, he even doesn’t fail to mention how the impact of football has been subtle on the citizens of Europe. Even in the Asian countries, the game has spread far and wide and there’s hardly any nation who hasn’t taken participation in the active game of Soccer.
There’s a very common example that he draws. There is hardly any game which has got more than 200 international teams registered and that shows how crazy it makes not just to the players but also to the followers. A game of football can make an evening for two friends or the entire family gathered in the dining hall enjoying their favorite teams pulling each other out at every single pass.
It’s a complete art, and John realizes it since he has been an active member of the sport creating history for the St Louis University. It isn’t for a show that he’s recorded in the Hall of Fame.
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