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How Schools Can Help Children Move More

We all know that children need exercise, but did you know that it’s a recommended one hour minimum every day? This doesn’t like too much trouble surely, they do this at school during break time and PE for example? However, many children are simply not getting this level of moderate to vigorous exercise on a daily basis. PE classes have been reduced all over the country, sporting facilities and opportunities have lost crucial funding and children are spending on average 30 hours a week looking at screens. How can schools help to increase physical activity?
Lesson time physical activity

With many schools only devoting one hour a week to physical education, maybe it’s time for creative teachers to introduce some form of movement during lessons. It’s a no-brainer because as well as fighting weight-related issues, physical exercise helps cognitive ability, improves circulation and concentration and can help children perform better academically. Introducing activity during normal lesson time will make learning more interactive, fun and engaging and link physical fitness with academic achievement.

Fitness Classes & Creativity

Why not introduce a fitness class during lunch break, before and after school for those who want to burn off some energy? Or play upbeat music between lessons to get people moving quicker and even dancing. Take your learning outside and try to incorporate several lengths of walking the playing field to tie in with what your teaching. The only limit is your imagination and it’s a lot of fun trying to think of unique ways to combine physical activity and academic instruction.

Kids Take Charge

You’re more likely to encourage engagement with an idea if you allow it to be ‘pupil-led’. Let the kids decide how they can move more during the school day (sensible suggestions only). By explaining how important exercise is for health and well-being, you can then give them some independence in organising their own initiatives and projects. You’ll be surprised at their great ideas and enthusiasm.

Raise Funds for New Equipment

It could be that your play and sports equipment has seen better days and that’s not inspiring anyone! Try to encourage more enthusiasm amongst staff for improving fitness and discuss holding some fundraisers to purchase some exciting new equipment. Don’t overlook the power of play in physical activity. A good climbing frame, for example, encourages co-ordination, motor skills, balance and exertion! For updating your playground, think about Childrens Wooden Climbing Frames from a quality supplier like ni climbing frames.
Special Events

Children love competing and celebrating so why not stage your own school Olympics or dance contest? Hold several events so everyone has a chance to shine at something. Invite parents in or encourage a week where children and their parents walk or bike into school. While not everyone will be able to, dedicating a week to some form of physical activity is a great way to get people thinking and talking about fitness. Why not stage a fundraising hula-hooping contest for the teachers and parents? The kids will find it hilarious and you’ll be getting your message out in a fun and engaging way. 
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