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Explore The Beauty of Thar Desert Jaisalmer

Jaisalmeris situated in between the Thardesert which is the most famous desert of India. The desert itself is an attraction to tourist. Desert safari is the favorite excursion which is followed by a camel ride. The tourists are mostly attracted to desert camping where they can watch the sunset over the desert.

Picturesque sunset over the desert that can be seen from camps in Jaisalmer can steal the heart of many tourists especially photographers. Desert makes a very photogenic atmosphere and people love clicking many photographs. This place is attracts a lot of photographers from all over the world. Apart from desert camping, you can also do adventure sports like paragliding etc.

You can visit Jaisalmer fort which is supposed to possess a history of wars. The large jaisalmer fort looks very beautiful. You can visit museums, hotels and shops which are located within the fort. It is the most famous fort built in 1156 AD which was constructed by Raja jaisal. This fort is also known as Sonar Qila or golden fort because it was built with golden and yellow sandstone which make it look like precious gold.

It looks awesome during night. You can also visit Gadisar Lake which is located near the fort. It was also constructed by Raja Rawal Jaisal and later transformed in the year 1367 AD and rebuilt by Maharawal Garsi. This lake is the only lake that suffices the water demands of the people and they are totally dependent on its water. The holy temples, shrines and Chattris around this lake looks very beautiful and these are a must watch of this place.

You can also visit Thar heritage museum which is located near the market area of the city. The museum was founded by Laxmi  Narayan Khatri. The museum contains sea fossils, unique ornaments and old aged coins which presents you the history of Jaisalmer. You can also find old manuscripts and art which shows history and art of the ancient period. It also shows off weapons that that were used in ancient period of jaisalmer.

You can also visit Patwon-Ki-Haveli which was built by an ancient trader named Guman Chand and his sons. This five-storied massive construction has the large corridors and the decorated walls which looks magnificent. All these places are a must watch in a Jaisalmer tour packages . You can book jaisalmer tour packagefrom Jaisalmer.com Company which offers the best packages of jaisalmer at best prices.
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