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Changing Responsibilities of Legal Support Staff- John Peck Legacy Lawyers Shows How

The world keeps changing, and every single day, something new comes up. It is this progress of science and other technological advancements that actually allow the world put a step forward. Just like any other industry, even the legal industry is being deeply affected by the technological advancements. Of all the major significances of these technological advancements, one major significance is the fading boundaries between the legal assistants and secretaries. These two positions had completely separate responsibilities, but now, they have overlapped, and even the job description has changed to a great extent.
Earlier when there was still some traditional approach to the entire legal industry, the two terms- legal assistants and paralegal were often interchanged as both of them had the same responsibilities of being the non-legal staff member. When compared to the ordinary people, they definitely had a better understanding of the law, and hence could contribute to the tasks that are being routinely performed. All these included- the basic research work of the cases, interviewing the people who are involved in the cases, and John Peck Legacy Lawyers believes that it was the case management which turned out to be their forte.
On a general note, these tasks have always been performed independently and are billed to the client accordingly. The legal secretaries, on the other hand, were entrusted with all the clerical and administrative tasks which were being carried under the supervision of the attorneys. While a case is being put up on the court, there are several things which must be noted down. There are actions like word processing, the dictations, and court filings, typing the court proceedings which are not done either by the attorneys or even the judge. This is exactly where the legal secretaries fit in and there were certain specific job requirements as well for the post.
John Peck Legacy Lawyers States of the Transforming Roles and Responsibilities
As times have changed, people have already bid goodbye to the typewriters, and laptops, smartphones, and tablets have already replaced it. As the use of the electronic devices has increased, the dependency on human beings has reduced. As a result of it, the attorneys have started typing their own correspondence and also the tech-savvy candidates are joining the profession in increasing amounts. As a result of it, John Peck Legacy Lawyers notes how traditional clerical duties are being constantly waived off.
As a result of this, even the law firms are also trying to cut their expenses, and try to upgrade themselves with the latest trends that are currently ruling the market. Even the attorneys are working more on their efficiency as the market demands it from them. Definitely, the posts aren’t getting completely obsolete from the market but definitely, needs some evolution. Legal support staff is still needed as there are still some areas which cannot be dealt with single-handedly. But it is true that the scope has reduced considerably and there’s no denying it.
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