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Woods Vs Plastic: which one to opt for your kid’s furniture

When it comes to our children, we always try and make sure that we are providing them with nothing but the best. But then how do we make sure that what we are providing to them is the best? Well for starters we have to keep ourselves informed about the various studies that are being conducted and have a fairly general idea about what is good for the baby and what might be harmful for it.

The environmental concern

Well thanks to the fast depletion of natural resources and the harmful effects of exposure to pollution, the environmental concern is a huge factor. This is a very important aspect to consider when you are deciding whether or not to go for plastic or kids wooden furniture. Well this is a round that you will have to give to wood, since plastic, treated or untreated is a bio hazard. There are toxins that might not harm the baby directly but might prove to be harmful in ways unknown. Thus when it comes to taking care of the future of the child and in order to ensure that you do not harm in the environment in the process, plastic is a material that is best avoided.

The issue of creativity

When it comes to wooden and plastic toys, which is again a very important aspect of shopping for kid’s furniture, the most trending question is the question of creativity. A lot of parents, who want to infuse and encourage creative growth in their children are opting for wooden toys these days over plastic toys. This is because wooden toys are almost bare, crude shaped and more importantly, just with a few accessories, kids can fashion a toy for themselves out of it! Thus not only do the wooden toys give them the option to give wings to their creative side but they also give them to option to make their own personalised toys! If you are considering going for wooden toys then you make sure that the edges are rounded or they might hurt your kid. Again when it comes to wooden furniture you can have them built and designed to suit your needs. With plastic furniture, these are all available in predesigned models which you will not have the option to alter in any way. Hence all in all, wood sounds to be a better option than plastic when it comes to purchasing furniture as well as toys more than plastic.

The question of durability

When you browse through all the furniture stores kids you will see that wood is the material that has a longer durability and strength and hence needless to say it will last longer.

The issue of price

Plastic furniture however is far cheaper than wooden furniture. In fact wood is quite expensive. If you do not want to use plastic furniture for your kid, and your pocket does not permit you to opt for wooden furniture, then you can go for engineered wood which is much cheaper.

Thus when it comes to shopping for furniture for your child, it is best to opt for wood than plastic. 
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