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Winstrol-a steroid for burning fat

The chemical name winstrol is stanozolol. It is the legal anabolic steroid popularly used in cutting cycles. The main reason in using the steroid in cutting cycles is that it helps in melting the fat deposits in the muscle tissues and preserving the muscle strength and power.

How it helps in burning the fat deposits

The main reason is for winstrol to be used in cutting cycle is its structure. Structurally it is an altered form of DHT-dihydrotestosterone, altered in two positions. The keto group in DHT is replaced with pyrazole and a methyl group is added at c17 making it as 17alphaalkylated steroid. Because of these structural changes, the action of the steroid doesn’t involve in building the mass.

With the use of winstrol, the testosterone levels in blood stream is increased which helps in preserving the muscle strength. Few athletes take winstrol cycle alone, but the loss in fat percentage is found to be maximum when it is used with testosterone cycle. Winstrol also helps in avoiding the water retention. It doesn’t aromatize, means it is not converted to estrogen, thereby reducing the estrogen related side effects.

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid, which helps in stimulating the muscle cells to synthesis more proteins resulting in increased muscle strength and size. This also helps to produce more ATP, the energy for the muscles. Athletes utilize more energy by doing exercise thereby burning the fat deposits.

Winstrol is available in both oral i.e. tablet and injectable forms. The dosage of the hormone Stanozolol varies with the individual and also with goal to be achieved. Generally the dosage is established based on the form to be used, duration and the individual’s capability. The optimal doses of oral steroid for the women are usually less compared with men.

It may range from 5-15mg a day whereas men can take up to 40-80mg a day. However, women body builders can take up to 20mg per day. The cycle should not continue for more than 6-8 weeks. When the injectable steroid is taken the dose should be 50mg taken in every 2-3 weeks. Beginners can go for small doses initially and can increase the dose gradually.

Winstrol is used not only in the cutting cycles, but sometimes can also be used in bulking cycles. It can be stacked with other anabolic steroids for better results. The stacking steroid differs depending on the goal to be achieved.

But for therapeutic use the dosage levels are far less when compared with usage in cutting cycles. In men the dosage is 2mg taken thrice a day, for women 4mg taken in a single dose or 2mg in two doses.

When the injectable hormone is prescribed, the dosage may be 50mg taken in 2-3 weeks apart for both men and women.

When used in cutting cycles it gives better results with proper exercise. Weight loss will not be achieved unless proper workouts and restricted diet is maintained throughout the cycle.

Thus winstrol is the safe anabolic steroid with high fat burning abilities with low androgenic activity when used under the supervision of a professional trainer.
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