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The History Behind The Caesarean Delivery And A List Of Other Delivery Methods!

The childbirth is probably one of the most difficult times in a women’s life. The pain during the labor and childbirth is unthinkable unless one goes through it. Yet a woman willingly goes through the whole process and this has been going on for centuries of course.

In the earlier days, when science was not much developed, vaginal delivery was the only method to childbirth that people know. Although history does see traces of the famous C-section delivery in the past. But that option was taken only as a last resort and when the doctor knew that the mother and the baby can’t be saved together. So, with an effort to save the baby, the C-section came into existence.

But, today with the development of science and technology everything has changed and there are 5 common childbirth processes that we would be discussing. Additionally we will be talking about how does the C section gets its name and why is it called a cesarean?
  1. Vaginal delivery- this process is called the most common and natural way of delivering a child. In this method, the baby is born through the birth canal.
  2. Caesarean delivery- we all have a general idea about this process. This method is usually opted when a mother cannot give birth naturally. Then help of surgical incision is taken. In most of the cases this method is opted in case of any complication. Otherwise mothers prefer natural childbirth.
  3. Vaginal birth after C- section- the general notion is that C-section closes the possibility of further vaginal delivery. But, there have been numerous changes in surgical techniques that bring back the possibility for vaginal birth even after a caesarean.
  4. Vacuum extraction- this mainly takes place at the time of vaginal delivery. In this method, childbirth is made possible with an instrument that is used in case of any difficulty during delivery. The instrument is in the shape of a soft cup with a handle and a vacuum.
  5. Forceps delivery- again, this is a type of operative vaginal delivery which is can be used only during the time of vaginal childbirth procedure. The instrument’s looks are quite similar to a pair of large spoons or a salad tong.
Coming back to the question of how did caesarean sections get their name. To be honest there is not solid proof or one answer to the question. But there are instances from the history that have led to arguments that this name has been derived at the time of the birth of the great Julius Caesar.

It is said that the first ever C-section was performed on Julius Caesar’s mother, Aurelia for Caesar himself. It is believed that in the ancient roman history, caesarean was performed to remove a baby from the mother who died during the procedure of child birth.

But, when Aurelia was operated, she survived through the process. This is the reason why this delivery method was given the name of Caeser.
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