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Some of the Amazing Flower Varieties that are Commonly Found in India

Our Earth is full of various types of flowering and non-flowering plants that make it a beautiful landscape. It is further said, “Earth laughs in the form of flowers” and these wonderful flowers make it a beautiful place to live.  These amazing flowers are found in various parts of the world and India is no exception to this. Moreover, it is a common practice to send flowers to your loved ones for different occasions and these lovely flowers are undoubtedly the part of every other celebration. These beautiful flowers are used in decoration, prayers as well as gift items for our dear ones in the form of a flower bouquet or floral arrangement. If you want to check out some of the amazing flowers that are found in India, here is the important list that is mentioned below:

Night flowering Jasmine- It is one of the special flowers which is said to be the native of South Asia and Southeast Asia. It has amazing fragrance and arrives with five to eight lobed white corolla in various clusters. It is also known as “sad tree” as it loses the brightness during the daytime. Night flowering Jasmine is the official flower of the West Bengal state in India and is related to the mythological “Kalpavriksha”. In the local language, it is often referred as “Parijat” and is used in the preparation of yellow dye for clothing. Express your love and affection towards your dear ones in West Bengal by sending this amazing flower through any efficient flower delivery in Kolkata or any other city in the state. 

Frangipanis- If you want to know one of the most beautiful and exotic flowers in India, Frangipanis is the answer for you. These wonderful flowers are known for their sweet fragrance and arrive with pure white colour making them as one of the precious flowers in the world. They may appear to be delicate from outside but they can actually withstand heat and drought during any time of the year. 
Butea Monosperma- The amazing flower has often been regarded as the flame of the forest. It is a native flower of India and is known to heal various types of disorders. The texture of this flower is soft and comes with the velvety touch and vermilion colour. The parts of this extraordinary flower are used in the drug preparation for several diseases such as eye diseases, fever, liver disorder, gout, epilepsy and anti-fertility activities. 
Ascocenda Princess Misaka- This elegant flower is native to India and is known for its large purple or pink flowers. It can be easily grown in the home inside a basket rather than a pot. The roots of this beautiful flower require regular watering and optimum sunlight for its proper growth and maintenance.  
Ganges Primrose- It is one of the popular flowers that is native to India and is known as Ganges Primrose. It has short green leaves along with pure white petals that can grow properly and rapidly in tropical areas. You can effectively send them as birthday flowers for your dear ones through any efficient flower delivery services that can send flowers to Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and other such cities.   
So, choose any of these flowers or take the help of an expert florist in Kolkata and other parts of India to get the perfect bunch of easily available flowers for any special occasion or event.  
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