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Protect Your Flowering Plants From The Chilling Cold With These Tips

Plants require favourable weather conditions for their proper growth and development. Just like a hot weather can dry up your plants, similarly, chilling cold weather can cause the death of your plants by freezing it completely. If you want to protect your plants from the harsh biting cold, you need to perform the following steps which are suggested by a well-known florist in Gurgaon.

Don’t Forget to Cover Plants during the Night’s Stay- The prolonged exposure of plants to the biting cold weather can have a catastrophic impact on their health and well-being. In order to avoid the damage, you need to cover the plants in your garden with old sheets, drop cloths, tarps, burlap or newspapers. You can also use plastic sheets to protect your plants from freezing in the cold environment outside. 

Warm Your Plants with Water Jugs- Garden owners need to fill the plastic milk jugs with water and place them in the sun in order to help them soak up the heat during the day time. Before the dusk, you can set the jugs around plants and can cover them in order to avoid the quick heat escape. These water jugs will emit heat slowly that can help in keeping your plants warm for a longer time. 

Remember to Water Plants before the Frost- It may sound weird to you but watering around plants a night before the actual spring frost can protect them from freezing. This is because the wet soil releases moisture into the air during the night which increases the temperature and helps in keeping the plant warmer for a long time. It is one of the effective practices that would have been suggested by your local florist in Gurgaon.    

Prevent Frost Pockets in Your Garden- Frost pockets are the depressions in the ground that can be caused by different factors. Cold air enters inside these small pockets and stays there only which can cause a significant damage to the plants that are growing in these depressed areas. It can cause frost damage to the plants that can affect their health to a great extent. In order to prevent this damage, you need to avoid sowing seeds and nursery plants in these depressions.

Take Steps to Protect Your Potted Plants- During the onset of frost; it is advisable to bring your planters and hanging baskets inside to protect them from damage. It has been shown that the roots of these potted plants experience severe temperature fluctuations than the ground plants which call for their greater care. The biting cold can cause serious damage to the roots of potted plants by turning them spongy and black. This condition can adversely affect the growth of the plant. For protecting your planters and hanging baskets, it is important to cover them up properly with a plastic sheet or any other material. 

So, don’t kill your plants by exposing them to the harsh cold winds during winter. You can ensure the proper growth of your plants during difficult situations by carefully practising these valuable inputs from a local florist in Gurgaon.    
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