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Five Simple and Logical Ways To Improve Professional Football

Football has recently decided to shut the transfer window before the beginning of the new season, which is considered a long-overdue update by many people. It’s sensible because it means everyone - players, officials and fans - can focus on the season ahead.

It comes after goal-line technology to help officials finally came into play, bringing the game up to speed with other sports like rugby and into the 21st century, as covered by
The Guardian in February. What else can be done to make football even better?

Move the Window

The current step of closing the transfer window before the season is a positive step, but the benefits could be even greater if the window moved earlier in the summer so everything is settled well in advance.

Sin Bins

Essentially a "time-out" for players infringing, the opposition gains an immediate advantage by having a player removed from the game for 10 minutes and is undoubtedly exciting for spectators. Red cards still exist for the most serious offences.

Microphones For Referees

This is another area where sports like rugby are well ahead of The Beautiful Game. Officials wear microphones, allowing supporters to understand what happened and why decisions were made. Of course, the risk in football is that a microphone could also pick up the words of some of the players!

Celebrations Are Not An Offence

Sport of any sort is exciting! Passion is encouraged amongst fans, so why is it becoming a punishable offence for the players themselves? Goals should be celebrated! Allowing reasonable celebrations should be acceptable on the field.

Make Things Easier For Fans

Football takes a lot of organisation and planning, but there is still more that could be done to help the supporters, like considering how fans will travel home and cover long distances when setting kick-off times, especially mid-week.

For smaller clubs, trying to schedule games around TV timings is less of a worry, so getting the basics right is the best place to start. Make sure all members of the squad have the same strip, for example, to help with a sense of belonging and team spirit. You can get football kits online from sites like Kit King

Rules of the game are slow to change and require a significant wave of support, so don’t expect lots more updates imminently.
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