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Even Excess of Cumin Seeds is Poisonous to Health

It’s absolutely correct that Indians cannot just neglect the benefits of cumin seeds. These miracle seeds are so good for human health that cumin seeds India suppliers understand well. But still there are certain things that they want people to know about cumin seeds. Since excess of anything is health-ruining and so the same happens to cumin seeds.

You cannot just eat cumin seeds all day just because they provide health benefits. There are harms of eating excess of cumin seeds and we will talk about them in this article.

Side effects of over-consumption of cumin seeds

·         Heartburn

Cumin seeds are the proven natural food ingredient that helps in relieving from gas, but when eaten in excess amount, they can cause digestive problems like heartburn.

·         Belching

Overeating of cumin seeds may also cause excessive belching. Belching involves excess gas and bloating from the stomach and intestinal tract escaping through the mouth. It has sometimes bad odor and characteristic sound. This may not be a health issue, but can lead to embarrassment.

·         Liver damage

Oil present in cumin seed is extremely volatile and can cause damage to kidney and liver if you consume it in large amount for long time.

·         Abortifacient effects

Cumin seeds can be harmful for pregnant women if taken in excess amount. If any pregnant woman consumes excess of cumin seeds, it can lead to a miscarriage or induce premature labor.

·         Narcotic effects

Cumin seed carries narcotic properties. You must consume these seeds with caution as it can become addictive. Other bad health impacts given by cumin seeds are mental clouding, nausea, and drowsiness.

·         Heavy menstrual cycle

Cumin seeds may also lead to heavy bleeding during menstruation. In case you consume cumin seeds in excess, you may get heavier period than usual.

·         Low blood sugar level

When cumin seeds are consumed in excess amount, it can lower the blood sugar level in human body. This should be told by doctors if you are heading for a surgery in near future. It is because during surgery, it is important to have a stable blood sugar level. It is possible that your doctor may advice you to stop including cumin seeds at least 2 weeks prior the surgery for stable blood sugar level during and after surgery.

·         Excess of cumin is harmful for diabetics

Since diabetic patients have to control their blood sugar level, it is necessary for them to include limited cumin seeds in their diet. Fluctuating blood sugar levels are not a healthy-sign for diabetics. Cumin seeds help in decreasing blood sugar very quickly and can lower the sugar level. Diabetics should avoid having cumin seeds and even if they are eating them, they should take them in limit.

All these negative impact of consuming cumin seeds can be caused if you don’t take them in moderation. Cumin seeds India exporters can only advise to have the seeds in limit. Rest is up to you.

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