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9 Days Of Navratri And 9 Dressing Tips

During the festive season, we definitely prefer to opt for ethnic look. So, rock your look this Navratri with the 9 dressing tips, and stay traditional.

1.Many girls have a bottom heavy style body, which is basically known as the pear-shaped structure of body. So try to opt for such sarees or lehengas which clings easily with your body, rather giving it that heavy extra volume.

So materials like georgette or chiffon, may work the best for you.  Where as, a net covered lehenga or a silk lehenga would give it heavier look, which you should avoid. You can thereby, buy women lehenga choli online in India, and find the best lehenga with this material.

2.For those who have their top body as heavy which is similar to apple shape, where the bust and stomach part of the body are heavier compared to bottom and legs. If such is the case, then you can try to opt for any blouse which has plunging neckline to it. One more trick you can use here, is to tie your lehenga a bit higher i.e. up to the navel. You can also avoid having a see through dupatta. Well this is only if you would like to hide it, otherwise every body is perfect. This is basically just for your body confidence boost up.

3.If you have a skinny body, then opt for georgette and organza, which will surely enhance your body type, and at the same time it will give volume to it. You can also go for cotton or stiff silk. You can buy women’s lehenga choli online, and select the best one within a short span of time, instead of going through the hassle of street shopping.

4.Well Navratri is a festival, where you can opt for any vibrant colors, such as pastel hues or neon shades. There’s no such rule applied here, as to what color is the best. But if you want to try and look slimmer then you can opt for dark colors, like deep blue, deep green, dark brown, or black. It all depends on what you feel comfortable in.

5.Many times we have planned to wear heels during the time of Navratri, as obviously heels are sexy and trendy. But comfort is the main priority, especially during the time of Navratri, as you would want to dance, and enjoy. Heels would tire you up easily.

6.For those who have that large bust, may have tried to go for closed necks. But you can opt for deep necks rather, which would make it look proportionate. Also to drive the attention from there, you can anytime wear backless blouses.

7.For the ones who have smaller bust, you can go for high neck blouses, as that will make your bust look fuller. Also halter blouses would look amazing on you, and they will add glamour to your look.

8.Many also worry when they have flabby arms, which actually are amazingly sculpted arms. But nothing much suits when it comes to lehenga choli. You can opt for half sleeves, cap sleeves, or quarter sleeves.

9.As much as we love wearing jewelry, try to keep it minimal during the time of Navratri. As the main spotlight is to be on your lehenga than your jewelry during Navratri.

Along with the tips mentioned above, always opt to wear something that is comfortable, and easy for you to dance in, and have a splendid Navratri.
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