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7 Occasions That Scream For Celebration With A Cake

akes are not just the dessert, they are an emotion. Although, they might seem a mouth watering blend of flour, eggs, sugar and oil, but the end result that we get is PURE BLISS! From its appealing beauty to scrumptious taste, cakes happen to top the chart in all senses.
Well, cakes are the most apt dessert of all celebrations but below we list 7 occasions which are a sin to celebrate without a cake. Take the guide:
  1. Anniversary-Celebration of love requires not just something sweet but also something that matches the beauty of the relationships. And cakes qualify perfectly for the same. With a wide array of beautiful cakes that can be baked, nothing can match the beautiful emotion so aptly.
  2. Birthday-Yes, of course! Birthdays and cakes go hand in hand. Cakes are synonymous to celebration and birthday cakes become a must. Ancient Greeks believed that putting candles on the cake was a way of paying tribute to Greek moon goddess, Artemis. Ancient Greeks baked round cakes to symbolize moon while the candles on the cake reflected moonlight.
  3. Wedding-Starting a new journey of life together is an eventful day that should be memorable. Cutting a cake is considered auspicious for a new start and that is why, weddings definitely call for a celebration with a cake.
  4. Baby Shower-Welcoming the new member in your family with a cake. So while you are planning a baby shower ceremony, it should definitely have a baby shower theme cake. With amazing designs available these days, we bet you would not be able to resist celebrating the occasion.
  5. Housewarming Party-If you have purchased a new house which indeed, is a huge thing to celebrate, a house warming party is something that is definitely called for. Make sure this auspicious occasion is celebrated with a cake to make it memorable.
  6. Accomplishment-Whether it’s the first division in graduation or a promotion at office, a cake should be your way of celebration. Cakes are a popular choice and a perfect way of adding charms to the celebration.
  7. Get Well Soon-Wanting to wish someone a speedy recovery? A cake and a bouquet of flowers shall be a perfect choice to convey your thoughts and concerns. Cakes will not only fill the person with energy but also a lot of positive thoughts.
Cakes have come to be a part and parcel of every occasion. And no matter how far you are living from your loved ones, you can still celebrate your dear one’s special day and make your presence felt.

You can order a birthday cake onlineor mark any other occasion perfectly with delectable treats.
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