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4 Big Reasons To Install a Handicap Accessible Bathtub

Are you thinking about the potential benefits of installing a handicap accessible bathtub in your home? Whether you are aging in place, facing mobility challenges or dealing with chronic pain or illness, handicap accessible bathtubs should offer many powerful advantages. These components can generally help streamline your daily routine, upgrade your personal hygiene and much more.

A Safe Routine

Did you know that a large percentage of all serious household falls occur in the bathroom? This area of your home can become slippery and difficult to navigate. Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to help make your daily routine much safer. A walk-in tub with nonslip surfaces should offer a way in which you can take soothing, cleansing baths and showers, without having to worry so much about falls. Nonslip flooring and grab bars can also help improve bathroom safety.

Convenient Access

If your bathroom becomes difficult to access due to mobility challenges, you may find yourself dreading the difficult, time-consuming, exhausting task of navigating into and back out of the tub. Handicap accessible bathtubs  can help by offering consistently easy, convenient access to your tub, whenever you need it. Do you prefer the convenience of a shower? You can probably install a walk-in tub and shower combo for the best of both worlds.

Better Hygiene

Whether you are dealing with a physical disability or simply facing declining mobility as you age, you may find that personal hygiene has become difficult. A handicap accessible bathtub may be able to help with this as well. A built-in bidet can assist in cleansing hard-to-reach areas, while bacteria-resistant coatings can help keep your tub clean and sterile.

Soothing Features

Do you have chronic muscle or joint pain? Perhaps you simply need a way to relax and soothe tired muscles at the end of a long day. Fortunately, a walk-in tub should provide many options for therapeutic relaxation.

Water therapy jets can direct streams of water to provide a massage-like experience that can soothe sore, aching joints and muscles. Other available therapeutic options may include things such as heated backs and seats, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. These features should help ease away pain and stress alike.

Adding a handicap accessible bathtub to your existing home should provide a multitude of advantages to streamline your everyday routine. Consider calling a reputable contractor who can install a tub that will help improve bathroom safety, provide you with more convenient access to your tub, assist with personal hygiene, soothe away aches and pains, and more.
4 Big Reasons To Install a Handicap Accessible Bathtub 4 Big Reasons To Install a Handicap Accessible Bathtub Reviewed by Dhanur Chauhan on 12:00 PM Rating: 5