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What Is White River Rafting

If there is one sport that is fast gaining popularity all around the world, it is white water rafting. This sport has been classified as one of the extreme sports in the world due to the risk attached to it. In order to take part in the rafting sport, you need a raft (like the name suggests) and a few other people with whom you will propel the raft through the white water. It is not rocket science since all you need to be able to do is paddle a boat with a few other people. What is vital is having the skill to navigate through water which may have obstacles and falls. This is the reason why people are always advised to always have a skilled rafter on board just in case there is a difficult obstacle that has to be tackled. He or she will know how to get around it in such a way that the raft remains stable.

If you are someone who loves the thrill and excitement of outdoor sports, there is no better sport for you than white water rafting. The thrill is however one side of the coin. White water rafting in Quebec can get very adventures. Many fatalities have been reported of people who tried to raft without the required expertise and safety equipment. Those who are experienced know that there are essentially six grades of rafting with the first grade being the least menacing and the sixth being impossible to take on.

 If you can row a boat and maneuver it in relatively calm water then you can easily take on grade 1 rafting. Moving on, grade 2 is a little bit more difficult compared to grade 1. The water may be a bit more rough and rocky. The most essential skill the rafter requires for this grade is paddling skills. Grade three is the next stage and it is of course slightly more difficult than the other two. Very good maneuvering skills and paddling skills are required to get through the white water, waves and falls that may be characteristic of such routes. The drop should be especially taken with extreme caution.

Grade four is not very dissimilar from grade three except for the fact that the waves in grade four are larger than those in grade three. The drop down the fall is also usually steeper and higher. Having a guide for this level is mandatory because they will be better placed to maneuver around the rocks, go down the falls and get through the white water safely. Grade five has a little more of everything that the other grades have. More water, large waves that are difficult to see through, big menacing rocks and high falls. Grade six is the worst stage of all of them. It is the giant of all the white water rafting stages. It is impassable and being able to go through it is next to impossible.
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