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TheOneSpy Review Mobile & Computer Monitoring App

TheOneSpy is one of the most innovative, robust and powerful apps that enable users to scrutinize the activities happen on cell phone device such as Android, iPhone and even on the Blackberry and along with the Mac & window devices. The modern surveillance software has plenty of state of the art features, it is best for employee monitoring, kids and spouse monitoring. It provides users three in one solution.

Last but not the least, the user can also track the activities on the target device without having physical control over the targeted device, you can operate it remotely from anywhere, anytime and at any place. It has plenty of packages for their users, monthly, yearly and its prices are different for different packages.

A Short over View Surveillance software Features

First of all, a user has to install the tracking app on the particular target device, once it is installed, the user can operate the monitoring program fully. However, there are some following ultimate features of the cell phone spy app.

Track text messages and IM’s messages

The user can read and listen to verbal and non-verbal sent or received messages, chat conversation, group chat conversations happened through social networking apps such as Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger and plenty of others alike. The user can get access to the contacts of certain social messaging apps.

Monitor Calls & VOIP Calls

It enables user to listen and record all inward and outward calls along and downloading and intercepting is possible. Those particular calls and voice messages which are sent or received through instant messengers such as Whatsapp, Yahoo, Line, Skype and other famous communication tools can be tracked within no time along with the complete time stamp.

GPS location Tracker

There are several tools that help out user to track the location of a target, but TheOneSpy app enables user to mark safe areas and as well as restricted ones. It further enables users to view current GPS location, location history and movements of a target here there of a whole week.

Track Emails & Keystrokes applied

The user can get their hands on all email sent through Gmail and user can view the address of sender and receiver. It further empowers a user to view all the keystrokes applied on the target device with the help of keylogger of thePC spy software. It enables a user to view password keystrokes, Messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes presses on the cell phone keys and on computer keyboards.

Social networking apps monitoring & Internet surfing

The surveillance software enables user to track all the trendy social messaging apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Yahoo, Zalo, IMO and many others alike. It empowers user to track the one-on-one chats, group chats conversation, post, shared media files. However, the user can view all the visited websites and bookmarked websites entire internet surfing through browsing history of the tracking app.

Block and Filter

The inappropriate content which a user thinks should prohibit for a target user, a user can block all those websites which are bad morally and ethically. The user can put the URL link into the filter and block the inappropriate website or app. The user can also put the keyword of a particular content and block the website.


We have mentioned some major features of the surveillance app, but still, plenty of lefts to explain, but the target mobile phone device need to be rooted and jailbroken to operate other ones.
TheOneSpy Review Mobile & Computer Monitoring App TheOneSpy Review Mobile & Computer Monitoring App Reviewed by Dhanur Chauhan on 3:36 PM Rating: 5