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The Most Recommended Great Mosques in Indonesia

It is a kind of a very nice thing for you to do to visit some stunning mosques when you go to Indonesia. There are actually so many options for you to choose as Indonesia has so many wonderful mosques that can offer you various different designs and styles which can be ranging from the Javanese styles to Turkish styles.

All of them will definitely excite your eyes and drop your jaw no matter what mosque that you go to. Then, that is the main reason why it is so much recommended for you to visit some Great mosques in indonesia which you can find out below.

Then, here are several options of the most recommended Great mosques in indonesia that you can choose for sure, which can be like:
  1. The Masjid Raya Bandung-When you really want to visit one of the best mosques in Indonesia, it is actually so much recommended for you to choose Masjid Raya Bandung in Bandung City, West Java. This very awesome mosque, which is used to be known so well as the Grand Mosque of Bandung, is a remarkable landmark that was built in the year of 1812.

    By visiting this mosque, you will definitely see the bold influence of the Sundanese culture applied on the building. Even though, there were some renovations happened, but it never loses its unique and distinctive decoration which look so simple yet fabulous. Then, you can also enjoy the stunning design of the mosque from its dome and two high towers which has so many floors. The best thing about it is that you will be allowed you to explore the towers. Even better, you can go to the top of the towers, so that you can enjoy the beautiful view of Bandung City from the height.
  2. The Amirul Mukminin Floating Mosque-The other great mosque that you can find when you are in Indonesia is the Amirul Mukminin Floating Mosque which is located in Makassar, South Sulawesi. This specific mosque will definitely show you the very unique and mesmerizing design as it is built on the sea (on the southern end of the Losari). So then, you will find this mosque like it rises and floats above the water.

    Besides, the beautiful and aesthetical design can be seen when you really notice the twin domes on the top of the building. Moreover, there are three floors available in there which make it can accommodate up to 400 prayers nicely. In addition, it is also open for the non-Muslim visitors from all over the world. So, you will always have the chance to get there whenever you have any spare time.
In conclusion, all of them are some of the most recommended Great mosques in indonesia that you have to visit. Each of them can make you feel the exceptional nuance that you will fall in love to them instantly. So, it must be something that you will never regret coming to and enjoying the beauty of those mosques.
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