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Taking an Engineer loan? What You Must Know

Money has always played a significant role in our lives. Try however you may find a replacement for it, you are bound to fail. Be it for food, your dream home, your dream university/college or your wish to set up your own business, money is all that you require fulfilling all that you desire.

Bajaj Finserv truly cares about you and knows how it feels to have unfulfilled dreams. It's because they understand that they have come up with new and incredibly attractive benefits, which is the Bajaj Benefits for Engineer loan, which will surprisingly facilitate your business aspirations. Be it to fuel the growth of a small business or for you to start anew, Bajaj Finserv has a solution to all your problems. With fantastic features and facilities, Bajaj Finserv works to serve you the best.

Bajaj Finserv has introduced Engineer Loans, the first of its kind, in the industry and promises numerous unparalleled benefits to its customers. With us, you can avail a financial loan of a minimum of 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs at convenient and affordable interest rates that are definitely lower than the market rate. The loan repayment tenure offered to you is 60 months. While the world has made a quick swerve to the web and online is preferred by all, you can apply for engineer loan, online in a few easy steps.

What you must know-

If you are a self employed or a consultant engineer, then applying for the Engineer Loan from Bajaj Finserv will the best option for you to expand your business and fulfill your dream. You can take the Engineer Loan if you belong to one of the following fields of engineering:

o     Computer Science
o     Electrical
o     Civil
o     Electronics and telecommunications
o     Electronics
o     Electronics and electrical
o     Instrumentation and control
o     Instrumentation
o     Mechanical
o     Production
o     Industrial
o     Chemical
o     Information technology
o     Aerospace

Not only that, but also, to get your Engineer Loan, you must have a minimum of 3 years of experience as a self-employed and a 5 years of vintage experience since graduation, with age between 26 to 65 years.

As described earlier that the Bajaj Finserv seeks only the basic documents from the burrowers. Here is all that you need to submit to avail the Engineer Loan:

o     Duly-filled application form
o     Photographs of the applicant
o     KYC documents
o     Business vintage for 3 years
o     Certificate of practice as a business proof
o     Details of engineering degree

So what keeps you waiting yet? Don’t let your engines stop due to monetary issues. Come to Bajaj Finserv today, apply for Engineer Loan and get it at only 5 easy and simple steps now and keep your machines running.
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