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Stylish shower curtainsideas for a contemporary home decor

A stylish home decor is something where each element looks absolutely elegant. One needs to choose equally fascinating shower curtains to meet well with the style quotient of contemporary home decor. Stylish here doesn’t really mean to go with only the most overstateddesigns. It can be simple, but must look classy at the same time. Given below are some fantastic shower curtains ideas for a stylish home decor.

Double curtains for the small rooms:

It’s no hypothesis that a shower curtains has to be in single piece. Modern trend prefers the double piece idea as well. To be specific, such double curtain ideas can be absolutely interesting for the smaller bathrooms. Even the simplest white curtains in double piece would look much catchier. To fascinate it further, you may have wooden cupboards alongside and may keep the flower pots at its both ends.

Curtains with round bars:

Everyone in modern time wants to do something different. In case of shower curtains, most people these days prefer these to be hanged with rounded or oval bars. Such bars mostly meant to surround or enclose the bath basins or the bath tubs. Curtains of such bars are preferred to be a bit longer in comparison. As these remain inside the bathroom itself, only the products of lighter color combination are given preference.

Hang your curtains with stylish curtain rings:

It’s too ordinary these days to go with the similar kind of rounded curtain rings. The modern trend says it has to be something stylish. One can find a great variety for these curtain rings. In fact, such articulate curtain rings can be availed both in metallic as well as plastic form. It would be even better to choose a shower rod that matches with these curtain rings. Keeping the color of shower curtain ssimpler as possible would be a better idea for these stylish curtain rings.

Curtain with quotes:

Style has no boundary. It can’t be confined within any specific definition as well. For example, your shower curtain sare not necessary to be available either in single color option, multiple color option, or with prints; it can come with quotes as well. You may print any of your favorite quote, something motivational, or anything that makes you more passionate. The best part, you don’t have to scratch your brain much about the color combination and all for these quotes. Moreover, you can change the quite anytime you wish as well, and add something new.

Combine your curtain with some sort of pendant:

Do you think your shower curtains looks too simplistic? To add the stylish quotient with it, you may combine little pendants at its top. Otherwise, you may hang these pendants through the rings on the same bar, on which you have your curtain. This would make your shower curtains look livelier. However, you have to meet perfection in terms of color combinations here. Simplest idea however would be to go with the light color curtains, or even the white curtains.

Source: showercurtainsspecialist.com
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