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Show making – Turn Your Passion into Business

The Shoe making industry growing day-by-day, the designing shoes make your dream true. If you have skills, then you can convert your interest in a career. In Jun’15, the footwear market is estimated at $64B for the 12 months.

Unbelievable, but true, that the Footwear industry benefited from consumers’ increased spending on health and wellness categories, the driving comfort and athletic markets.

Here, are several under graduate and post graduate course provided by top universities, but a painful thing is that lots of master degree holder fails, cos they don’t know where to start? Or How to start? But the good news is that here are few good platforms that encourage people to become a professional shoe maker or shoe designer.

And, the FJS's Designer Dream is one of such platforms, where you aren't only dreaming, but became the eyewitness of your dream design come true, you dream and they design your dream shoes. A right place for all the designers to show and popularize their ideas/designs. We are happy and willing to product any designs without  infringement.

Several shoe makers struggling cos they have not proper guidance or a platform where they can upload their design, and they can share with the world.

Here are success stories in show/footwear industry; one of them is about Ms Mary Matthew. But, if you are not a master, but want someone design what you think, the online platform can your destination.

Check the skills below….

Craft Skills

This skill makes you able to not only design, construct and repair shoes. You must have familiarity with cutting out patterns and stitching pieces together, whether by hand or machine. They use glues, dyes, lakes and other special materials in the course of their work. Shoemaking involves several steps, such as attaching soles with glue or nails and performs fine finishing work, such as shaping those soles once they are attached.

Physical Skills

Shoemakers must have the physical skills to perform the expertise skills, and dexterity is foremost among these. They need to be able to work on small parts like eyelet with their fingers and have the essential skills to operate machine(s) and other equipment to makes the shoes.

Business Skills

It’s a painful thing when someone or the shoemaker says why I need to have business skills? While the fact is that the shoemakers is self boss in own business -- as opposed to shoe designers working for branded fashion houses or larger companies.

The shoe maker must have the ability to understand market competition and fix prices for shoes and repairs accordingly, shoes making have tough competition today.

Shoe-making Industry in Numbers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, shoemakers fall under the category of shoe and leather workers and repairers.

  • Approximately 5,360 workers employed nationwide as of May 2011 earned an average annual wage of $25,680, the equivalent of $12.35 an hour.
  • The BLS estimated that the profession would see job declines of 14 percent between 2010 and 2020, a rapid decline.
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