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Nose Pin Trends - Latest Nose Pin Designs for Women 2017

Nose pins and rings have been ruling the jewellery realm for almost 4000 years – precisely the time when the concept of body piercing was inculcated and accepted somewhere in the Middle East. There are records of how the trend came to India and became an integral part of the country. Further, each region made modifications to the jewellery in terms of metal used and designs to suit their culture. Women have passed on this tradition for generations due to the multiple scientific reasons nose piercings have. While the idea remained the same, the patterns saw a sea of change. Today this piece of ornament continues to be in vogue and has unfolded a series of new designs in the year 2017.  Let's celebrate this beautiful trinket and see what’s new in the kitty. 
1)       Ace the ‘All gold traditional nose pin’ look
Gold will never ever go out of style - be it for its market value or how rich it looks. It is impossible to miss that gold nose pin nestled on your nose. However, 2017 brings in a fresh perspective to the gold nose pin designs. The absolute unmixed metal can be twisted into a number of patterns – a simple leaf, a three-petal pin, an artistic heart or a shell. Rockrush has a collection of gold nose pins made of pure yellow gold.

2)    Geometry is not just in math!
While in school, some enjoyed the geometry classes and others prayed that the teacher never showed up. But time changes, right? And now we are totally in love with it as this year makes most of the geometric figures - be it a square ring or a hexagon bracelet. Nose pins can add a lot of vibrance to the look if molded in a delicate shape. Square, rectangle, crescent or kite nose pin designs are seen widely these days. One has a choice of infusing diamond in-between the shape or use white gold to suit your style.  

3)    Engraved bali to up your oomph factor
This one is a straight killer. An engraved bali has a sensuous finish to it and looks ravishing on both Indian and western wear. The carving can be an amalgamation of various patterns like nature, chevron, paisley and stripped to name a few. This one can be best made in plain gold as the design itself is the highlight of the pin. Browse through the ravishing collection of engraved balis on Rockrush, an online jewellery store.

4)    The ‘Classic Diamond Stud’ is back and how!
Remember the time when simplicity was celebrated? Well, those days are back and here to stay! A modest single diamond nose pin can go a long way. This original beauty will never disappoint you. Comfortable to use every day, the vintage stud compliments all the possible attires. The diamond nose pin can be coupled up with the a T-shirt and pair of jeans or formal skirt and blouse. There is a reason why this one is known as an ‘all-rounder’.

5)    Metal infused fashion, anyone?
Want to give a break to the conventional gold and diamond designs? Try metal nose pin designs which look ethnic every inch. Oxidized nose pins have a rough finish which appears extremely attractive. Make a bold statement with this dark and rusty accessory, which is available in almost any shape. Set your mood for the day and wear a matching metal nose pin which is available in gypsy patterns.
2017 nose pin designs are definitely going to leave you spoilt for choices.
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