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Interesting facts about Post Malone and his struggling period

About Post Malone

Post Malone is a famous and well-known 22 years old American singer, guitarist, rapper, lyricist and a record producer. He was born in Syracuse, New York, United States on July 4, 1995. Birth name of Post Malone is Austin Richard Post. Post Malone got recognized by its debut single “White Iverson” in the year 2015. His parents moved to Grapevine, Texas when he was 10 years old. Malone has interest in sports from childhood and he loves to play basketball and watching sports on television and internet. Malone got free food game tickets in the early years as his father is the assistant director of food in Dallas Cowboy’s. Dallas Cowboy’s is a professional football team from America.

Post Malone struggled a lot for the position he is now at. He started learning guitar in 2009 from the YouTube videos and he was also in a hardcore band team of his high school. Post Malone is the dropout from his college Tarrant Country College. After leaving hi studies, he moved to Los Angeles with his one of the long and best friend Jason Strokes. After that, he created his stage name Post Malone which got rumored that this name is the reference to famous basketball player Kari Malone. Later on, Post Malone clarifies that his stage name was made by him only as Post is his surname and Malone is a just made up. It is hard to find Post Malone Phone Number, but you can find the details at his fan pages.

Also, Malone recorded his famous track “White Iverson” just before two days recording the track. White Iverson hits more than 1 million views within a month and start getting offers from very big production companies and labels. Post Malone is currently living in Los Angeles, fans can contact him at Post Malone official address. Here are some of the unknown and interesting facts about Post Malone, his struggling period and childhood which not everyone know.

Interesting Facts about Post Malone

     Post Malone credited his father for his success and career in music industry. His father always motivates Post Malone to learn music and motivates him to pursue his career in music field.
     Post is 22 years old only and that fact shocked us too. Yes, Post was a 95’s child. Find Post Malone Address here and send him a birthday greeting.
     Post decided to leave the college just after three months of joining the college. After that he moved to Los Angeles to earn  a name in the music line.
     He also worked with some of the heavy hitters of the same industry which includes 50 Cent, Kanye West, Gucci Mane and Justin Bieber.
     The reason why he loves guitar and started playing from his childhood just because of the video game “Guitar Hero”. This game inspired him the most to learn guitar.
     In 2010, Post auditioned for Crown the Empire band for a guitarist and got rejected because his guitar strings broke.
     Once during a live show in Brooklyn, he slipped from the stage when he was singing one of its most famous song “White Iverson”. According to the media, he was drunk at that time.

     Not everyone knows, but Post Malone has Jewish roots. 
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