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Call centre spreadsheets: A passive asset to store organised information

Irrespective of the size of a call centre, almost every call centres all over the world indulge with the familiarity of using the spreadsheets to capture and convert raw data into valuable information in order to review and store customer, employee documentation. The usage of spreadsheet for call centre service provider is a popular and user friendly asset especially for business personnel. Although the negative concept about the usage of spreadsheet is that they tend to serve their purpose for various statics information but aren’t considered to be an important asset for applications specifically for call centre quality assertion. Further to this, contact centre spreadsheet services can be clumsy to handle for QA managers, reducing in-house operations, and creating call centre related task with employee coaching, withholding and engagement. 

Here are a few passive points on call centre spreadsheets described below:

·         Data amalgamation shouldn’t be a call centre issue:

Call centre service provider faces a lot of challenges; one such challenge is to pull data from various sources to create an existing perspective of their call centre operations. The amount of time consumed to perform this task is regarded to be one of the most inflexible tasks. Trying to pull out data on payroll, staff training, CRM, human resources, call centre quality, telephony and programs related to incentives  from myriad programs and systems, with their every own spreadsheet data can prove to be a tough job. 

Organising spreadsheet digest a lot of time to transfer all the information from so many different bases to just create one effective spreadsheet. Amalgamating data from different sources does not only consume time but also builds up room for mistakes, which can be an ineffective point for managers making core decisions. 

Call centre managers have a lot of problematic situations to deal with and trying to combine them into one single data should not be one of them.

·         Spreadsheets are outdated:

Many call centre managers are still stuck to the conventional method of using spreadsheet when the world is reading about interacting with aliens. The idea behind the usage of spreadsheet even in the current scenario is its tried-and-true method which has apparently worked for a very long time. Moreover, they think that using spreadsheets is a cheaper technique rather than investing on other bottom line technological equipment. As a matter of fact using conventional method for quite a long span of time does not mean that it is the best methodology even in the current scenario. Progressive implementation for growing and accumulating data have travelled a long way to establish fresh efficiencies and make the contact centre staff more productive to generate more revenue. Using new techniques and moving away from spreadsheets could modify the holistic view of a productive call centre service provider for better.

·         Real-time data- to make a positive impact:

The usage of spreadsheet might be invaluable when it comes to input raw data material for a quick view at the employee’s outlines but they simply do not provide enough resources to generate an in-depth evaluation. Static data stored in a spreadsheet does not help call centre employees to see real time issues to make valid modification for customer. Real time data help call consultants to improve productivity and correct courses while there is ample time to make an affirmative impact for the organisation. 

In a nutshell, the usage of static spreadsheet to accumulate and store data isn’t a flexible process. The rigid layout of simplified spreadsheet does not allow dynamic quality to enter the space of proactive workability. This is the reason why the conventional method of using static spreadsheet must be eradicated and implemented with efficiently computerised applications to connect with employees and customers effectually. 
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