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7 Pro Tips to make up yourself while slaying it in a Saree

Saree is one of the sexiest Indian attire. It’s traditional, classy and sexy all at the same time. The fabric of a saree kisses and shows just the right amount of your skin which can make you irresistibly desirable to any men. Thanks to the popularity of this ethnic attire today anyone can buy cheap sarees online.

However, wearing a saree can also be a bit tricky as, if not draped or accessorized properly, a saree can look very plain and odd. A minor mix match with your makeup or your hair or the way you drape your saree can end up in spoiling your whole look.

So, in order help our lovely customers avoid such mistakes, we have listed a few makeup tips which are swear by profession to help you slay in your saree, whenever you wear one.
7 Professional Tips for Slaying in a Saree

1. Wear the Right Shoes

Always ensure to wear heels with your saree. Avoid wearing casual platform of wedges with a saree. Also, flats and slippers are a big no-no. No matter how simple or plain your saree is never, make the mistake of wearing it without heels.

One might not see footwear as a significant element while wearing a saree, but it is one of the most essential parts of the whole outfit, as heels help in flaunting your curves as well as adding height to your body. High heels and stilettos look best with a saree can give your slimmer and taller appeal.

2. Heavy Jewelry

There is no doubt about the fact that heavy jewelry looks amazing on a saree. But you should always know how to balance your look, plus you also don’t want to wear access jewelry for a casual event. I would recommend you to wear light jewelry on a heavy saree, how you can experiment with a heavy stone necklace on plain cotton and georgette sarees.

Avoid adding an overdose of bling in your outfit as it can turn you into a misfit. Go for subtle pieces like a thin bracelet, light earrings or a sleek chain with a small pendant etc. This will help in giving you a young look.

3. Try Different Styles

Every state in Indian is popular for producing a different type of saree and wearing or draping it in a different way. So, there are total 29 different ways in India who are known for wearing a saree in a completely different way. You can try out these different styles of saree which can help you in embracing the unity in Indian heritage. You can also experiment with your blouse, and try wearing your saree with a backless crop top to get an indo-western look.

4. Classic Retro Look

Nothing looks better on a saree than a retro look. Drape your saree in a traditional way, and tie up your hair in the classic bun, and paint your face with makeup like Aishwarya Rai in Devdas. Perfect red lips and winged eye liner can never go wrong with a saree. This is probably the safest and the most beautiful makeup routine that anyone can pull with a saree.

5. Smokey Eyes

If you want to get a Bengali look like BipashaBasu than this is the best bet for you. Add a little foundation and highlighter on your face and complete your look with a dense kohl and black eye shadow around your eyes.

Everyone on the scene will fall deep within your heavy Smokey eyes. Warning you might question whether you are a Bengali or not one too many times while wearing this look. You can complete the look with a little blush and a nude lipstick on your lips. If you want to look a tad bit extra traditional you can also add a big ‘bindi’ on your forehead.

6. Red Lips

Red is not just merely the color of love, it is also the color of passion and dominance. And while you are already looking like an Indian Goddess in your saree, we think it’s appropriate if your wear a dark red lip color.

Red lipstick is literally like a life saver which will go with any color and with make you look beautiful for any occasion to be it a date, a seminar or a wedding. Add some color to your cheeks, and get an apple like cheeks. You can wear heavy eye makeup or just a face lash with a lot of mascara to get some compliments in your Goddess avatar.

7. No makeup looks for a Daily basis

Well, if you are a teacher or if your profession demands you to wear saree every day then this is probably the best tip for you. Try to experiment with printed crepe, georgette, and light cotton sarees. They are comfortable, airy and manageable which will help you in fulfilling your work routines easily.

Just add a little concealer and foundation on your face to even out your skin tone. Then add a layer of Kajal or just decorate your eyes with a dense coat of mascara and finish off the look with a nude or light pink shade.

You can also add a pair of subtle earrings or a small bindi on your forehead to get a more traditional look. Avoid carrying heavy makeup or too much jewelry as it can make your look way too fancy for an everyday basis.


There is no doubt about the fact that Indian women look, best in a saree. I take pride in our Indian culture and heritage; there is literally no match of Indian traditional wear. Even Hollywood celebrities can’t resist themselves from wearing a saree and often can be seen draped in a saree around their body. 
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