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5 Reasons You Should Invest in Electromagnetic Chucks

One of the most challenging parts of working with Ferro-metallic work is getting a strong anchor for the work piece. Ideally, depending on the machining applications that you have in mind as well as your location, you have two primary and reliable options that you can consider. Each of them comes with its own range of features and benefits. These are permanent magnetic chucks and the electromagnetic chucks. The big question is which of the two would you rather invest over the other? Here are five reasons that should convince you to pick the electromagnetic chucks. 

1.      Variable power

While permanent magnetic chucks do have quite the grip and provide a stable option for your workpiece, their power is not variable which can make it harder to work with them. Electromagnetic chicks on the other hand are powered by electricity and based on the amount of power that is flowing through the coils you can determine how much power you want anchoring the work piece. The electromagnetic options are a perfect fit in applications where variable holding power is needed and they also make it much easier for you to handle the workpiece. 

2.      Are more reliable

Electromagnetic chucks for grinding have coils that produce a strong magnetic force that helps to hold the workpiece in place. Other than that, they are also able to clamp rough workpieces in place and with this, various chuck dimensions can be produced. This will help you get the requirements of the workpiece size easily and conveniently. 

3.      Access to all faces of the workpiece

The best thing about using magnetic workholding and one that extends to the electromagnetic chucks is that it allows the mill to have access to all faces of the workpiece. This will not only save time but will also allow for a continuous process with better end results. This will particularly come in handy during the squaring up process which can be critical depending on the workpiece and what you’re working on.

4.      Less vibration

The greatest benefit with using electromagnetic chucks for work holding is, there is less vibration involved. It makes the tooling process easier and faster and the process can be run for a longer period of time. To print a picture, with electromagnetic chucks, it is possible to face edge and drill through a block of still in one set up. That saves time and money and makes the manufacturing process more efficient and better productivity. 

5.      Better and safer performance

If you’re a VMC or HMC operator, then you know that having too many setups will usually come at the cost of reduce safety in the work place and increasing the chances of losing your qualified locator. Electromagnetic chucks reduce the number of set ups and make the environment safer and easier to manage. Most injuries occur during setup like when you’re trying to tighten the clamp or trying to support your work. It will only take a second to energize a magnet and you’re on your way. 

There is a plethora of benefits that are associated with electromagnetic chucks for grinding and these are the reason why more and more operators are leaning towards magnets for work holding in different setups.
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