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Using social to your advantage

Remove reviews from Google has been searched more frequently now since more people are looking at the effects of what their online reputation is having to their bottom line. You can actually take control of the things people read about you online.

One of the most effective techniques to use is social media. The most popular social networks are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and the most popular sharing sites and Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat as well as Pinterest and Google + trailing not far behind.

The uses for social are far more than just helping with reputation issues online but it all leads to that if you know it or not. There are many benefits that come out of using social media such as connecting with people, communicating with various groups of people, publishing content online and so on.

Social networks are also called relationship networks. That is what businesses need to see it as. There are so many things you can do with social such as start a conversation with your followers and target market. In addition, the public is able to leave reviews.

Some companies see this as a bad thing since not all reviews are positive. But being able to respond to these customers is very important. First of all, you will have the option to reply to them and turn them into happy customers. This action will be seen positively to the public since you care about what went wrong and how to ameliorate the problem in the future.

In some cases, when businesses get negative reviews, their first response it to withdraw from social media but it is in fact the worst course of action. The fact is if companies decide to quit social because of reasons like this, other people will say things about you online and you will not have control.

If you do not have these platforms in place, customers can actually go on other review sites like pissed consumer or yelp. Some of them you would have to pay to be able to respond to customers and do something about your reputation on these sites.

Truth is social media is powerful and here to stay. Companies who are not using them to their advantage are missing out on a powerful tool.
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