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The Classy Mercedes E220d Sedan Causes a Flutter Among Competitors

In the mid level segment of the classy E-Class sedan, the introduction of E220d has sort of set the proverbial cat among pigeons as far as competition with other luxury brands is concerned. And as a cherry on the cake, this luxury sedan has made its debut by being assembled in India. Moreover, it has drawn its design cues from the flagship S-Class and brought about the Long Wheelbase format to provide an extended leg space to the rear passengers.
Its slouched roofline sportily meeting the boot at the back and hood at the front gives it an elegant demeanor. The front facade is dominated by an elongated hood that meets a double slat chrome grille sporting the famed Merc insignia at the centre. The grille is flanked by two split headlamps that are adorned with daytime running lights. Also, well contoured crease lines extending all the way to the boot along the sides come across features like blackened B pillars, sleek ORVMs, and chrome plated door handles.
The sedan stands tall on the tarmac courtesy its traditionally designed 17-inch 5-spoke alloy wheels that are arched under well rounded fenders. The rear looks distinct with wraparound LED tail lamps, a boxy designed boot marked with a chrome slat, and chrome-tipped exhausts revealing themselves from beneath the undercarriage. If looks could kill, then this E-Class beauty (even pre-owned) is worth to pay a visit to the dealers of used Mercedes E-Class in Delhi or elsewhere.
Once you get inside the cabin of E220d sedan, you will like the cocoon like ambience that is steeped in luxury. The dashboard wears a two tone brown and beige colour woodwork carrying a 12.3-inch COMMAND infotainment system at its centre. The large screen of this infotainment system is inviting enough with cool graphics and a bright user interface. The presence of a 3-zone climate control system, multifunction steering, a panoramic sunroof, and a 64-shade ambient lighting arrangement turns the cabin to be the place to be in. Thus, be it a brand new or a used Mercedes E-Class in Delhi or elsewhere, reclining on its cushy seats made of bespoke leather is to be enjoyed rather than to be described.
Firing on all cylinders while being on the move, the E220d derives its power from a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder diesel engine that churns out 194bhp at 3800rpm of heavy duty power and forces the rear wheels to run with 400Nm @1600rpm of marauding torque. This much refined and relatively quieter engine, thanks to the presence of NVH insulation, forces the wheels to run through a nine speed automatic gearbox transmission system. Moreover, as the throttle is pressed on, the torque shows a linear surge once it crosses the 1600rpm mark so much so that the sedan is able to clock the 100kmph mark in 7.81 seconds – an impressive figure given its large body and the presence of diesel engine.   
Drive quality
Even though E220d does not command the presence of an air suspension system like its bigger sibling E350d, its regular suspension consisting of steel springs does well to keep the passengers not feel the bumps and jerks in the least. It seems the bumps and imperfections encountered on the way get absorbed by its robust suspension system. In fact, the tag of luxury commanded by the new or used Mercedes E-Class in Delhi and elsewhere is largely to do with its drive quality, notwithstanding the presence of a slew of advanced cabin features.
Competing against rivals like BMW 5 series, Jaguar XF, Audi A6, and Volvo S90, Mercedes E220d is a serious contender in the mid level segment thanks to its longer wheelbase and pricing.
The Classy Mercedes E220d Sedan Causes a Flutter Among Competitors The Classy Mercedes E220d Sedan Causes a Flutter Among Competitors Reviewed by Kapil Kumar on 11:02 AM Rating: 5