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Technology Powers the Miracle Of Giving

Churches have long done good for the communities that they serve. They are beacons of hope for those with illnesses, financial hardship, and spiritual dilemmas. The world of technology quickly realized that it could be a boon to churches, and churches have embraced technology to drive their fundraisers and many missions. Another way that churches are ushering in the age of technology is through tithing applications. The tithe has been a very powerful part of the church's history, giving people a way to give back to the organization that does so much good in their lives.

The history of tithing dates back to old Jewish law and has continued in the modern era as a way to show support for churches that do the Lord's work. Many people still tithe regularly at the old 1/10 of their income standard and do so happily. Other people give what they can when they can.

Technology such as applications have revolutionized the ways that people have to give back to the church. Gift by texting is one of the easiest ways to tithe. Email and phone are another two ways, but applications that make giving as easy as clicking a button are by far superior and allow church goers to truly give as much as they want to, for the causes they want to. In some cases, it's a simple tithing application while in others it's more for church fundraisers AND tithing. All the church's charity efforts can easily be built into an application that works on iOS, Android, or Windows phones, bundled with instructions on how to install and discover more here.

Consider it a bit of giving on the go. You find a specific charity that matches your mood to give. It might be a charity that collects money for food for the poor. It might be a fundraiser for a specific church member who has fallen on tough times and can't pay their bills. Whatever the need, the application makes it easy for a church member or interested party to register to give. Once registered, it's as simple as browsing through the myriad of causes to contribute to. There's no need to type in specific information every time you give. You've got your registration name and login and then you're good to give.

As time goes by, more churches are choosing to let members tithe by app. It's convenient for all parties involved and allows churches to collect information about the people that contribute to their causes. App statistics allow churches to track the basics of the people who give and even allow them to give feedback as to why they give and then how much. It can allow for a better fundraising campaign when you have these types of statistics to go by. Applications are especially equipped to keep records of all transactions on fundraising efforts. This helps church charities track their donors so that they can rework campaigns that don't work or duplicate campaigns that do work. These remarkable programs increase the good that churches can do.
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