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Technology Is Changing What and How We Eat and Drink

Technology is changing the reality of many industries. In fact, the mass reality is changing every day, thanks to technological advancements. One of the most dramatic changes which impact almost everyone is the tech advancements in the food industry. Restaurants are now the haven for chef rock stars, thanks to social media and websites like Yelp and Urbanspoon. Reviews can make or break a restaurant, and they can impact the careers of chefs. 

Other tech advancements have given point of sale devices a mind of their own. Just a few inputs send signals and instructions to the wait staff and the kitchen. Restaurants are installing iPads on tables, so customers can order without the help of a waiter and waitress. The addition of iPads impacts wait time and food preparation, but they don’t eliminate human interaction. They give waiters and waitresses more time to focus on selling more products. 

Restaurant chains like The Cheesecake Factory are working with IBM on new data analytic systems. The new systems collect data from all company locations. The system mines the information to improve the quality of service as well as to make food safer and to predict future customer trends. 

There is another tech advancement in the works that will revolutionize food presentation and lifespan. In 2012, an inventor, Clay Alexander, thought the cups and dishes that are staples at home as well as in restaurants are not acceptable anymore. Clay had credibility in the inventing world thanks to his 2009 energy-saving Infusion light bulb idea. General Electric bought that idea, and Alexander was off to the tech races so to speak. When his eggs got cold one morning, Clay thought he could develop a plate that would keep food hot, but not too hot. The company, Ember became a reality from that idea. And when Alexander put a couple of batteries and little circuitry on the bottom of a plate, Alexander was off to the tech races in the heat-controlling dishware market. 

But the first Clay Alexander product was a coffee mug with heat controls and LED display. The mug wasn’t cheap, but the concept was brilliant. He got a patent in 2014, and with $5 million from private investors, he was able to turn an ordinary coffee mug into a game-changer. 

The temperature control coffee mug is a good example of where technology is taking humans in the 21st century. All the normal things won’t be normal anymore. They will be a new kind of normal that makes life easier. Yes. They will probably cost more, but this is the age of millionaires and capitalistic billionaires who want the finer things in life. And thanks to the elite and the wealthy, a trickle-down effect takes place, and at some point, the masses also benefit from all the innovative technology. 

Eating at a fine restaurant or booking a room in a luxury hotel will be common twenty years from now. Or, at least, we think so, unless technology hits a snag in the road like the Edsel or the Betamax. 
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