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Taking Better Pictures with Less Effort

When you're taking pictures outside, there are a few tips that you want to keep in mind. If you don't have the lighting just right or the people in the picture positioned the right way, then the picture might not turn out the way that you intend. If you take a little time to plan your shots before taking pictures, then you're going to have an end result that will make customers happy. 

Focus Points

Instead of trying to focus on certain images in the background or letting the camera automatically focus for you, try to focus on the eyes of the people in the picture. If the eyes aren't focused in the picture, then it can make the entire session appear off-balance. The eyes are often seen as windows, allowing the inner feelings and thoughts to shine through, especially when pictures are made. This is why you want to focus more on the eyes of the subject instead of what the person is wearing or a tiny detail that can be highlighted with a little editing. 

Avoid Light

One of the things that you're not going to be able to avoid outside is the sun. When the people you're taking pictures of are in the direct sunlight, they might squint because of the brightness. There could be odd shadows in the pictures when you begin to edit them. The colors in the pictures that you take don't turn out right because of the shadows that are created and the sun making some colors brighter than others. It's best to take pictures in the shade or when the sun has gone down so that you're not dealing with such harsh light. 

Change Your View

Many pictures are taken with the camera pointed straight at the subject or slightly off to the side to get a different angle. Consider completely changing the way you take pictures by laying on the ground and pointing the camera up toward the subject or standing above the subject to get a different view. Photographers like http://daisybeattyphotography.com/ sometimes use this method of taking pictures in order to get unique portraits of their subjects. At times, changing the view of how you take your pictures will result in details highlighted in the picture that you might not have seen before. 

A New Comfort Zone

Instead of using the same location to take pictures for your subjects, change the scenery. Take your subjects to a park, an amusement park or an alley in the center of town so that you can get a variety of pictures instead of ones that are in the same location and with the same background all the time. Sometimes, you can get a few odd shots that turn out quite well if you just use a different background or if you take someone out of their comfort zone for a short time. 

Taking pictures doesn't have to seem like an ordinary job. With a few props and carefully selected locations, it can be more like a hobby. Plan ahead for the location and how you're going to take the pictures so that your subjects know what to do and so that you are prepared for any surprises that might arise.
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