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Roles played by patent agents

Patent agents help the inventor to protect their intellectual property rights. They prevent others from using their client’s invention / work for certain time period. They make sure that their client’s product is unique and not cloned; to make sure that there are no same inventions which will avoid from getting utility patent. Patent agents acts as a medium between the patent office and the inventor. They make sure that the application for patent is finished and submitted and resolve any doubts or queries related to patents. Patent agents in Canada can offer all the service related to patenting your invention and protecting your rights.

Below are the steps taken by patent agents when an inventor approaches an agency-
·         They learn about the invention to know what exactly it is
·         They research to check whether there are similar inventions that might reject their client’s patent application. Research is done to know about the new invention of their client’s and to make sure if it will violate the intellectual property rights of an existing patent. Canada patent agent also help in this endeavour.

·      Then the fill up the patent application by keeping in mind to answer all the questions which might pop up in the mind of patent reviewers in patent office.

·         Patent agencies approach the patent office on the behalf of their clients.

·         Their responsibility is to represent their clients during every stages of patent process.

Commercial laws are important to maintain orders in commercial process and transactions. Intellectual property rights are the most important thing which all business must pay attention to. Intellectual property rights helps to protect your ideas, design, work etc. it is always advised to take guidance from a patent agency.Canadian patent agency offers best possible service. Intellectual property rights include copyright, patent and trademark.

Copyright: this is for protecting the songs, art works and contents of books.

Patent: this is to protect the utility patents, designs and technology
Trademark: it is to protect the logo, names or marks of your business
It is very important to protect the intellectual rights as the business depends on them. Logos or names are used to differentiate between the products / brands / companies which make them. If this right is not protected then it hampers the image of the business and someone else can use the same name and sell the product.

Most of them don’t have knowledge on these. Hence Canadian trademark agents need to be approached for help regarding patents and trademarks. Canadian trademark agentsare registered patent agents and they are allowed to represent before Canadian Patent Office and Trade-marks Offices. They help in protecting your work / invention / ideas / design. They will guide you with the steps to get patent and protects your rights. This helps in protecting your business, ideas and design. Various serviceslike filing and prosecuting patent application and trademark application is done by the agency. 
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