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Open The Doors For Coir Mats!

People often take a carpet or a rug for granted. They lay it on the floor for formality at times but the truth is you may not notice the same but every person that enters and leave your house, do exactly the opposite. It does grab their attention and gives the first impression. Therefore, you should put efforts while buying a mat which leaves an everlasting impression on your guests. In fact, a nice rug will not only do that but make you also love that place more. However, there are many questions that you need to answer before you decide to buy a rug. You need to decide the purpose for which you require the same. Do you need it for the purpose of decoration, absorbing spills, removing dirt, durability, etc? In which material do you need? Will you be using it inside, outside or both? So now you know that buying a carpet is not rocket science.

Wool, jute, seagrass, sisal and coir are the materials which are widely used in making rugs as demand is high for mats made from them. Each material has its pros and cons and here we will throw some light on the plus and minuses of the coir mats.

Coir is the result of processed husk, a thick protective layer on the coconut. This husk ultimately is turned into coir fibers which are further woven to make coir mats. Now here are the positive and negative features of the coir mats which will help you in taking the decision easily.

Pros of coir mats

·         Coir is a durable natural fiber carpet. It is a strong and tough material and therefore it is often used for making doormats. Therefore, coir mats are maximum times preferred in heavy traffic area where other natural fiber carpets usually give up.
·         Another reason that it is customer’s first choice as a doormat is that it is water resistant. Most of the natural fibers do not have water resistant property.

·         The presence of coconut oil makes coir naturally insect repellant. People think that being a natural fiber it will invite bugs whereas it does exactly the opposite.

·         A coir mat is good at absorbing noise as well.

·         As compared to other natural floorings coir proves to be economical.

·         One doesn’t need to invest much in cleaning and maintaining. Vacuuming is enough to keep the coir mats in good shape, color and condition.

·         It is an eco-friendly product. Coir is a natural and renewable resource and therefore, the mat made from it is also natural.

Cons of coir mats

·         Coir fiber sheds along with time due to wear and tear.

·         If coir is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time then it can fade.

·         Coir mats are highly durable yet they are not recommended for outside purposes.

·         Coir isn’t soft and therefore it is advisable to use in the area where people don’t roam around in bare feet.

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