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Oil Investment- A Profitable Investment Option Possible Only for Matured Investors

Southlake Resource Group is a natural oil and gas drilling and refining facility lead by Mr. Cory Winters. This company is situated in Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. Banks is the president of Southlake Resources Group. He established this oil refinery back in 2004. It is a well maintained and state of the art facility that not only provides huge profits for the investors but for the operators as well. There are other branches of this organization in Utah, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. Southlake Resource Group has tie ups with many influential operators that allows them to earn a lot of revenue and function in a systematic way. The key points they focus are:

·         History of Production
·         Life Expectancy of the Rig
·         Level of Diversification
·         Potentiality of Growth
·         Operations.
These are the main key factors which are highlighted and looked after in the Southlake Resources Group oil rig.

Pros and Cons of a Natural oil and Gas Rig

Natural gas is one of the new sources of energy and most talked about mode of energy. Natural gas and oil are also called as Shale gas. There are huge deposits of such shale gas pocket buried deep within the earth layers that stretches from sections of Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York. Shale gas is found under many layers of shale and to drill them out it requires a lot of work. The need for energy resource is an insatiable process. It will never end as the requirement keeps on rising with the rise of new towns, cities, cars and the growing population. The main reason of using natural gas and oil is because of its abundance and easy accessibility. 

With new technology more or less all the countries around the globe has their own drilling rigs. And in the light of recent studies it would be right to say that America is the largest producer and supplier of the natural oil and gas. But it is also a fact that natural gas too has a good and bad side. And for that it is imperative to be in touch with the experts who can provide all sort of technical and geo-physical and mechanical support. Mr. Winters is one such self made business tycoon who has a long experience this particular field.


·         Natural gas alone caters 21% to the world's energy requirement.
·         There is already a steady delivery chain and infrastructure available for it.
·         It is used for both power generation and heat generation.
·         This is the cleanest form of fossil fuel.
·         It gives out less than 45% of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)


·         It needs a good network of pipelines laid out for ground transportation.
·         Turbine generators are required to generate electricity.
·         Gives out CO2 when burned
·         Highly Flammable
·         The Liquefied form needs tankers to be transported over sea.

With all these pros and cons, sometimes it becomes a tough choice to decide whether or not to depend on natural gas and oil. For times like that, it is always better to take help of the experts you have spent their lifetimes working and understanding these resources. With all the heavy demand of energy resource it is best to take help and guidance of the Southlake Resources Group who has a long time record of working in this field with a fascinating track record.
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