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Major Benefits Of Organic Farming and the Coming Up Of Scientific Improvements

In the current scenario, it is a matter of great discussion among the farmers and people associated with the field of farming, whether scientific improvements and tools must be put in to use while farming and tilling the land. Some farmers are in with the thought but others feel there is no such need but they should go in with the organic farming due to its major benefits in the long run.

Technology and scientific improvements and the use of such tools might prove advantageous as well as disadvantageous at times. Thus it is quintessential to use the same with great care and precision keeping all the important points in mind. They should not create a ruckus in the life of the farmers in any form but should help them with higher and much better yields.

Whether the use of tool and technology is more important or its application?

In fact, if one happens to study the field, then one realizes the fact that it is not the tool or the technology which is creating the big problem but the use of the same in the wrong manner. Now why this use in the wrong manner? Due to inadequate knowledge, previous experience and half information to the farmers which make it turn bad rather than good. 

With the coming up of the industries and corporatization, farmers felt the need to increase their yields by all possible means thus aiming at higher profits and no losses. But this approach was completely wrong and the major cause of devastation to many of the farmers.

This approach gave birth to a completely new category of people like Geoffrey Morell , a well qualified and well educated naturopathic physician. He has a completely different perspective when it comes to farming. He was completely against the use of pesticides in order to have bigger crops in less time which could have meant higher profits with the passing time. He and his author wife felt that the crops can grow naturally without spraying any kinds of pesticides with the much-needed minerals and salt rich soil.

A big yes to organic farming by all the means

Such farmers brought into light the use of organic farming into the picture without any kinds of doubts in the mind. They opened the doors for this kind of farming and proved it as the much-needed opportunity to be followed by the present day farmers without any kinds of second thoughts in the mind. The belief in organic farming was a major outbreak in the field of farming which brought various changes and opened many doors to the people associated with the field.
Geoffrey Morell  was associated with this kind of organic farming. He and his wife believed in the farming techniques without the use of pesticides or antibiotics which could also mean higher yields and much safer crops in the true sense of the word. They went with this clean method of farming over the years and felt to support the same for all the right reasons and the benefits it tends to offer to the farmers.
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