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Know more about Florida Divorce and legal Statues

Florida laws are difficult to understand especially for those who are not familiar with legal jargon to interpret. That means there is no bombshell that after finding out that you need to file a case, things become overwhelming. Soon, this converts into panic reality because you know soon you'll need a Boca Raton divorce lawyer and you don't have enough money to finance him because your ex has control over the cash.

To know this better you have to carefully read every divorce article you could find online. After reading all the articles and carefully scanned the every recommended free sites then you need the help of a Boca Raton divorce lawyer. Now being able to understand divorce statues might be more complicated than you have thought.

What is the purpose of awarding fee and on what basis court decides the award fees?

The purpose of awarding fees in a Boca Raton divorce case is to ensure that both parties have equal access to representation. Judge looks into the party’s financial condition and resources available with them.

This is basically the first move towards the entitlement to fees. The purpose is to ensure that a monetarily dependent partner has the ability to maintain or defend the divorce. Also the court has the right to turn the actual amount of the award once entitlement has been defined.

Florida laws state that the first step of awarding fees is to look at the need and ability to pay. The legal laws also state that judges have to decide where the money will come from to pay the fees. That said will the money be coming from the liquid assets, or personal income to pay fees and other incurred costs.

Now, what comes under "the need and ability to pay"? It includes several factors a Boca Raton judge has to look at under state statutes.

  • Marital assets. This includes everything that both the parties own in their own name after marriage and whatever each party will receives in a divorce property settlement.
  • Non-marital assets.
  • Present and future income.
  • Liquidity.
The Florida statutes have mandated that costs shall be supposed reasonable in certain cases. Most importantly, when the parties have signed a legal document and have everything on paper in which the method is established for charging costs. Know more about legal statutes and Boca Raton divorce lawyer.

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