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How can we rent a car and be satisfied with the result

If you do not want to be disappointed by this service, there are a few directions that you need to follow when we talk about renting a car
During the last years, the service for renting a car in Sofia became quite popular. More and more visitors and tourists in the country take advantage of the opportunity to rent a car in Bulgaria so that they can visit different places, make a tour in the capital city or get on a sea adventure towards the Black sea.
There are different suggestions, and there are really good offers among them, but when you want to make such a deal, you need to have preliminary strategy. If you leave everything on the chance, there is the possibility to feel disappointed in the end because the company could fail in meeting your expectations no matter how hard they could try.
 1. Make the booking when you are planning your trip
The early booking is an advantage here, because cheap offers are the first to be taken, and renting a car at the last moment is usually a service that will cost you more. This is something that you should have in mind especially in the high summer season when all the tourists are heading to the sea, or during winter – when tourists usually take their holiday to go in the mountain.
2. Convenient starting point
You should set up a place where it would be really convenient for you to go and take the car keys and head on your journey. There is no reason to get a refusal by the company for setting up a place, but it is all a matter of discussing the details.
3. Would it rain?
You should not worry about the weather, but you need to have it in mind if it is expected to get worse. It could have an effect on the time that you need for travelling and cause you a bit of delay, or it could also cause traffic jams in the bigger cities. No matter if you are heading on your way to take the car that you want to rent or you have already taken it and you are going into the planned direction, you should not underestimate weather conditions.
4. Technical condition
It is your obligation to check if the car is in good working order, if all extras that it has function properly, if there are tires available depending on the season that you are going to drive, are there chains available as well as safety seat for the child or the children if you need them, or a luggage-carrier for the additional suitcases and sports equipment. Of course, it would be better to discuss all these things with the company in advance so that they could give you an answer if they would be able to meet all your requirements.
 5. You have to be serious and responsible drivers
Driving a car that is not yours should not make you be less careful about the risks on the road. You need to be careful about the car, because there are damages that are paid by clients, despite the presence of insurance. And the most important – you need to keep you safe so that you have one unforgettable holiday and when you think about it later, it should bring a smile on your face.
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